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When did Monday Night Football go to All Damn Day Sunday football?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (6158points) 3 weeks ago

Was it in the 70s or 80s? When?

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Rick hogging the TV again?

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Only within the last ten years.

Back in the 80s and 90s, there were two games televised on Sunday, and one on Monday night. Then in the 90s, there was the occasional Thursday night game, maybe twice a season.

Now it is ridiculous.

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Oh @Caravanfan. Always and forever when it comes to football.
Anyway, there was a Q on FB that asked “What was your Sunday like in the 70s?”
So MANY people said “Football, football, football.”
I’m going “Football was Monday nights in the 70s! Sundays was De Agony of de Feet, Disney, Lassie and stuff like that.
People are telling me I’m wrong, and maybe I am. What year did it move from Monday Night Football to All Fucking Day Sunday Football?

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ALTHOUGH after the game there was time to look at Pontoon boat for sale about 30 miles from here. :)

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Get another TV !

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No. I can find plenty of other entertainment other than a TV.
This is a research question. When did football go from Monday night to Sundays?

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Monday night football had its debut in September 1970. Prior to that debut & back in the days of black & white, college games were broadcast on Saturdays and pro games on Sunday’s. Football was an exclusively weekend affair. I was never a big fan, but that’s how I remember it.

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MNF started in 1970. Before that it was always on Sunday. Thursday Night Football started in 2006.

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@stanleybmanly…The question is when did it move to Sunday’s? Dad was a huge fan too. We watched Broadway Joe and Mean Joe Green and, for God’s sake, Gayle Sayers!
And OJ Simpson, which we will blot from our memory.

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And we saw Blanda make his record field goal.

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I have no idea, its on constantly! My gpa was more of a golf and tennis guy, both of which lulled me into great naps on Sunday growing up.

How about those Chiefs though?

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Saturday, is pretty much for college football. The NFL, has Sundays. That way, there is little conflict of interest….

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Pro Football has always been on Sunday’s, dating back to the start of the NFL, because college games were Saturday.

Monday night was an add-on in the 70s because ABC wanted a game too, but NBC and CBS had the contracts for Sunday. ABC lost their rights when the AFL merged with the NFL.

In the 60s and 70s, NBC and CBS alternated which network got two games while the other had one.

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Money money money.

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^Yes. According to my latest research, the NFL generates something like $13 billion, annually, and does not pay taxes.
The NFL draft, easily has more viewers, than NHL, baseball, or any other championship games.

It is a gold mine.

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Sunday Night football on NBC began in 2006.

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Check this out. Boy, this brings back memories.

This jives with my memories of “Monday Night Football.” If they played on Sundays it must have been in the morning (not likely…church) or middle of the day.

@wiscoblond They play football all day on Sunday, starting at noon, and again at 3, ending somewhere around 6 p.m.

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@Dutchess_III I know. I’m an avid watcher. It doesn’t end at 6pm. Sunday Night Football ends the evening. Football is my favorite sport. I’ve been following the Broncos since 1987. I’ve left family events so I don’t miss a game. I also play fantasy football. I know what I’m talking about. :)

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The decades in question were the 60s and 70s.
Back then Sundays were reserved for Lassie, The Wide World of Sports, and Disney, Wild America. There was no football on Sunday. It was Monday Night Football. We kids either got on board with it on Mondays or we left because Dad controlled the TV.
I got onboard. Much of the time.
I saw the Franco Harris’ Immaculate Reception when it happened.
I saw “Old Man” George Blanda kick that 50 yard field goal.
I saw OJ and Gayle Sayers.

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I love football too. And Plat fantasy football, in a fee leagues. My teams sick this year. I had to work, on the date of every draft, so the computer drafted my teams for me….

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@Dutchess_lll but all damn day Sunday began in 2006. I answered your question girl. :)

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Oh it started before then. Rick and I got together in July of 2002.
In December of that year, on a Sunday, I called the kids together to decorate the tree.
Rick did not participate. He sat, like a lump, watching football, annoyed because people kept walking in front of him, in the process of moving tree ornaments from boxes to the tree.

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Dutch. Are you on your phone? Why is your lurve score, so low?

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Because I am on my phone! I was unable to log on to my “real” account wben I tried about 3 years ago. It wouldn’t accept “Dutchess_III”. I can only figure it has something to do with the “III” part. That is capital I (eyes) 3 times. It wouldn’t take it. Wouldn’t take it.
After an hour I made a new account with lower case l. I (ells)

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That’s what I thought…

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Dutch is just a tease. :D

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All women are.~

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