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What food are you making for this holiday weekend?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14728points) August 28th, 2008

Are you making anything special for the holiday -cooking out, partying, or just treating yourself to a culinary challenge? Menus are great, recipes are better!

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I go to an international festival at my church. Name the ethnic food-I’ll be eating it.

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Well Saturday is my birthday and I’m having friends and family over for a pasta dinner complete with pasta, sauce, meatballs, lasagna, salad, and bread. I know it’s a little different but I’m swimming in a one mile race at 8am on Sunday so I figured that since I’m going to want pasta anyways we all should partake in the joy of it.

I’m super excited!

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Here we have 3’s coming in Sept. so probably not doing anything special for the holiday. But when I was younger we always went to a ‘group picnic’ for the day, end of summer fun.

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leftovers from the question below this.

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Holiday weekend? Oh right… I’ll be caulking my house for winter and eating Cheerios.

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going to just vegetate.

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I’ll be eating food at the festival I’m going to.

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I’m bringing the dessert to our little gathering and I’ve decided to make a few different kinds of ice cream sandwiches. Probably chocolate-chip and chocolate-chip mint ice cream between chewy brownie-type cookies.

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@cyndyh…considering the large number of stages, artists and exhibits on the schedule you shared with us, I suspect you’ll be eating on the run! I hope you’re able to hang out to enjoy Death Cab For Cutie, main stage, final evening! Have fun!

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BBQ everything

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@wtf: I wouldn’t miss it! We definitely eat on the run all three days. We tend to bring a few cliff bars to help for the busier times. Besides the music, we need to make time to see Flatstock, too. But if we end up on overload with the music and art, there’s all sorts of foods everywhere!

By the end of it all, I’ll be happy, sun burnt, hoarse, with aching feet and legs. I’ll also have 10–15 new artists on my wishlist.

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Amazing black bean salsa.

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@cyndyh- great lineup! Beck and Del tha will be awesome as well, and some friends of mine will be playing…pretty heavy music. With WTF on Death Cab!

Food over the weekend- grilled Lipton Onion Burgers and brats, home fries, baked beans, grilled green onions and white jalepenos, and beer.

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@susanc, I wish I were closer, then I could help! Of course I am digging a 25’ x 25’ hole to pour a new patio, then I still need to faulk and paint my house. All. Three. Stories.

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@Knotmyday: I got to see Beck again, I saw him at a smaller venue before and Death Cab was awesome. I only saw a small bit of Del Tha Funky Homosapien. At that time we were torn between seeing Battles and Superchunk and had to leave Old 97’s early to see parts of them! I’d happily pay to see any of those bands again.

Yesterday I got to see some amazing kids play a great show. If you ever get the chance to see the School of Rock: Northwest All-Stars, do it. They’re well worth the time and ticket price.

I wish I’d had my camera with me because I also got to see a guy crowd surf at The Offspring show in a wheelchair. It was so cool! I hope someone got a good picture of that because it was such a priceless moment.

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That is one of the most awesome concert moments I have ever heard of. THAT is what we play for. Man, I’m all worked up. Ya lucky stiff! :^)

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Ok, I had to go look for it. It’s not the best picture, but here’s shot someone caught of it. And here’s another shot of him near the bottom of that page. I really hope someone caught that on video or something. The guy was up there for a while and from where I was he seemed to actually make it over the barrier.

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