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How do you think Gustav will impact the Republican Convention?

Asked by Judi (39865points) August 28th, 2008
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Right now, the course of Gustav seems most likely to take it very near to New Orleans. It might hit on Monday or Tuesday. This is why Louisiana’s governor, Bobby Jindal has declared a state of emergency, so Louisiana can prepare, and avoid a repeat of Katrina.

Governor Jindal is also scheduled to speak at the Convention Wednesday night. So, if Gustav hits Louisiana, he won’t be making his speech. Mr. Jindal is of Indian heritage, and he’s only 37 years old. So his presences at the convention was designed to appeal to the young, and to make the Republican party look more diverse.

If the hurricane hits, and Gov. Jindal’s actions save a lot of people, then he’ll make the party look good, compared to what happened with Katrina. The New York times says, Avoiding a replay of Katrina and its aftermath could prove to be much more politically helpful to Mr. McCain and the Republicans than anything Mr. Jindal might say at the convention rostrum.

Also, we hope the actions would be effective at preventing another Katrina disaster. If this happens, it could make the Republicans look better in terms of caring about people, and being able to organize and deliver services when and where needed.

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