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Vinyl or wooden fencing?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (28477points) 1 week ago

Which in your opinion is a better choice?

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I went with vinyl the last fence I did. Three years ago – no regrets. Very low maintenance.

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I really dislike painting the fence I have and have wondered about vinyl.
I have seen some of those that are moldy and saggy so I wonder how long they last.

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Tilex once a year takes care of the mold. Not saggy yet.

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It seems strange that it would even get mold on it.
The fence I have now is 10’ wide wood panels with ½” spacing between the planks….barely enough room for my husband to poke his pinky finger through to meet the eye of my nosy neighbor.
I still laugh about that. :)

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I have a wooden fence. It is a pain to do the upkeep. I need to stain it every couple of years, both gates have had to be fixed multiple times, some of the planks are rotting, the list goes on. Go with vinyl.

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Have a look at the composite fencing choices. I think they are superior to both wood and vinyl in many respects. Check em out.

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@chyna -I have similar problems with my wood fence
@@stanleymanly-What is the composite?

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I’ve had vinyl for 12 years, pressure wash every five years.

Better than wood or chain link which is also used in my neighborhood.

We had fence before we rescued the dogs we have now; barrier in yard with limited view, was required by rescue dog agency. They came out to house to verify fencing before we adopted them

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Cut down on dogs barking at people or animals, I guess. Chain link was frowned upon.
My dogs go to fence and look through crack to bark at whatever is on the other side, they still bark but they have go to fence. LOL

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That is a funny theory they have.
My current dog & the one before barked at everything they could hear/see/smell. I think the limited vision made it worse.It was/is in their nature to be protective, so there’s that too.
I want the fence for privacy reasons.Then again, with a chain link, we could see the neighbor sneaking up to it a lot easier.:D

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My neighbor put up a vinyl fence. I wouldn’t use it. It gets so weathered after 15 years, I would use wood but with steel posts and three cross rails. Much better and easier to repair if needed.

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