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If I just want someone's address to send a birthday card, and maybe some kind of affirmation that it IS their birthday, how do I find this information?

Asked by Yellowdog (8457points) 1 week ago

This is kind of a follow-up to my question about telephone directories several weeks back.

Some “people search” sites offer this information and a lot more besides, and seem to think I am curious about criminal and financial records which I have no interest in, and dangle it like carrots.

Again, all I want is an address and to confirm a birthday which I think I know.

The recipient is not a love interest, and would be glad to hear from me, Any suggestions?

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States often have a database for the court system available online.

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Not really looking for that—just an address. Would THAT be there?

A birthday, I realize, is more dangerous to make public. But it would be a real plus to affirm that a card was appropriate for the date given.

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@Yellowdog Full name, address, birthdate, court cases dating back a decade. Its pretty detailed actually. At least in my state.

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@Darth_Algar If I could only yell loud enough to be heard two hundred miles, I doubt my question could not be understood clearly. And my voice would be my superpower and I’d be too busy saving humanity with it.

@KNOWITALL I guess that’s where I start. Thanks.


Other answers welcome, too

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Just google their name and last known city, if you search for “John Q Adams, Des Moines”, you will get anyone close to that description. If you know their age and any particulars like family member names, you can find them.

I did it a few times when I was on the high school reunion committee, it should take you 20 minutes tops.

I found helpful.

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I have a paid subscription to I think that you can get a free 2 week or month subscription but you have to give them your credit card info & then cancel the subscription before the due date. IF you know enough information, you can get their name, address, & possible phone number. Family members are listed which is the main section I use to verify I’m looking at the right person. IF they have a FB account, it will give you a link to their account. Some people even shows where they work. I met my husband online & by the time we decided it was time to finally meet in person, I knew more about him than he knew about himself.

It’s also good to look up yourself to verify what info they’re sharing about you. In most cases, you can request that they delerte some of your info as well.

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Depends on who they are. The only people I’d ever send a birthday card are people I know, which tends to mean I know other people who know them who tend to keep track of those things better than I do – their mother, their relatives, their partners, mutual friends, etc.

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Never heard of telephone or email?

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You mean I should call someone up and ask them their phone number because there are no phone books except on ebay?

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Do you have no contact with this person whatsoever? Doesn’t sound like you’re really close to them.

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Not for about fifteen years,

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Too bad Seek isn’t here. That woman can track down anything. My dad’s mom died when he was 13. Dad never said much about her. I knew her name and that she lived in Texas…Seek found which cemetary she was buried in! I don’t know if dad even knew. He never took us there during one of our many trips to Texas.

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