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How do I reheat KFC gravy?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15255points) 1 week ago

I’m thinking of cooking on the stove top in a small pot for a couple of minutes. I want to dip or pour over three chicken thighs. Is a half of a medium gravy.

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Ok will wait till I’m hungry to try. Would be an experiment. Will update Fluther after I try it.

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It doesn’t matter how you re-heat it. I’d use a regular microwave.

The important thing is to refrigerate it after use, and don’t re-heat more than once,

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Low-heat. Stir. It dries up fast. You glance away for a minute and it’s gone.

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First choice: use a microwave for 30 seconds or less
Stove top: put in small pan, then put small pan in larger pan with water, use very low heat.

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I’ve NEVER had any luck reheating gravy on a stove top as it always dries out too fast!!! My preferred way to reheat gravy is in a microwave. I put the gravy in a small cup & then I add just a little bit of milk to the gravy to thin it out just a little. When I get ready to heat it, I put it on for 15 seconds at HALF power & then stir. Then I do consecutive 15 seconds at half power & then stir until it gets as hot as I need it to be. I very seldom have to do the 15 seconds more than 4 times.

Be aware that you can’t reheat gravy more than ONCE because it gets too thick. stiff, & lumpy, & it’s NOT good the next time you try to reheat it, so only reheat the amount you need at the time!!!

Dayum you…now I’m craving chicken & gravy & my KFC has already closed for the night…hope you ENJOY yours!!!

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You get best results if you add milk, about half as much as whatever gravy there is, and about a teaspoon of water to make up for the steam when it was hot the first time. Be real careful to not heat it a lot. If the chicken pieces are hot, you only need the gravy to be warm. Reheating gravy is too easily scalded.

EDIT I don’t know how much gravy you have, or how thick it has gotten. Best if you start smaler with the milk and add more if needed.

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Low heat. Add a little bit of butter. KFC gravy tends to separate.

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Update: I kept my KFC in the fridge too long. Ate half and tossed the rest. I microwaved three thighs and covered in gravy. Yuck. Lesson learned.

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Since I’ve learned how to use the half power button, I’m finding most of my food taste better because it doesn’t dry out at half power…especially most meats. Mashed potatoes is another that heats better at half power.

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