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Can a small or big business owner answer these questions for my business 101 project?

Asked by gudapi (4points) September 29th, 2019

Your report should include the following content as a minimum.

1. Name of the person, the business, description of the product or service provided.

2.Major trends in the economy that impact the future success of the business.

3. The competitive environment in which the company operates.

4. The goals the company/individual have for the coming year.

5. How the individual determines his/her priorities.

6. Major problems associated with the job.

7. How the person motivates his/her employees to do their best.

8. Advice for a person wanting to enter the business world.

9. Does the person enjoy his/her work and why.

10. What is the person’s opinion of ethics in business today.

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@gudapi – this is clearly an assignment.

Do you really think that someone is going to give you their real name, business name, and all of that, to someone they have never seen and never will again?

Why would you think that anyone – in particular a business owner – would publish their corporate secrets to you?

You are better off talking to people – the old fashioned way – to get your answers.

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What you’re asking is for one of us to complete your assignment Not happening.

I owned my own small business for 4 miserable stressful years. I’ll be happy to answer any direct question you have.

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Er, or just clarify… it seems like this is an interview form. You’re asking business owners to fill out the interview questions for your report, yes?

(If so, that’s not doing OP’s homework – it’s agreeing to be a subject.)

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Good point. I’ll be help in that capacity.

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I wish I had thought of this earlier, but since this is a business class run by a school start by interviewing the head of the school! If they don’t want to divulge their business secrets, etc. then maybe they will re-think their curriculum.

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