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How does a "hot mess" differ from any other sort of mess?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26530points) 1 week ago

I keep seeing the term “hot mess” in print referring to a total snafu. What’s the difference between a hot mess and any other kind?

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Just means EXTRA fucked up.

Like…. “Dumpster fire.”

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Just hyperbolic slang.

My favorite is a Rhinoceros Crowd Fuck (as coined by my friend Omer) for when a situation goes horrendously wrong.

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^Ha! That’s a knew phrase, to me.

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You have a MESS…you have a side chick.
You have a SLOPPY MESS…your wife picks up the phone while you’re making plans with your side chick.
You have a HOT MESS…your wife walks in mid-orgasm while you’re screwing your side chick screaming that she wants a divorce & she’s going to take the house & kids as well as the new Lamborghini.

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I always heard the term, in regards to a female’s hair. Mainly….

“That girl’s hair, is a ‘hot mess”

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I always read it as messily sexy…

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Hmmm, to me a Hot Mess could be a very attractive female who’s just all disheveled and not in her right mindset.

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@Mrgrimm888 I didn’t know you can use the F word here

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^I fucking get away with it…

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You’re not the only fucking one who gets away with it @MrGrimm888. Sheesh.

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Fuckin’ A Dutch:)

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Shit ya! High Five Grim

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^High 5 received. Love ya Dutch…

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Love you too!
Damn it. If I was on my desk top I could insert a heart from my character map, but I’m not so I can’t. Waaaa!

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You don’t have to insert anything Dutch.

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