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Can you help me with my grammar?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15301points) 1 week ago

I ordered from Skip the Dishes and I made a mistake.

I said “Please substitute salsa for sour cream”

I wanted no salsa and instead an extra sour cream.

Was my grammar correct?

I ended up calling the restaurant and fixing it over the phone.

What should I have said?

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Substitute salsa with sour cream?

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Substitute Sour Cream for the salsa.

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@zenvelo Awesome thanks. I wondered if I got reversed.

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Both above answers are good but you could be even more clear and say, “ Please substitute an extra sour cream for the salsa.”

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“No salsa. Extra sour cream.”

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I find this confusing too; I’ve often gotten it reversed. I think I’d go with @Hawaii_Jake and try to be as clear as possible.

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Maybe the next time you order, it will be best to tell them that your preferred dip is sour cream instead of Salsa.

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