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What was the "server" Trump was asking about in his telephone conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky?

Asked by Yellowdog (8504points) 1 week ago

And what is “crowdstrike”?

I never hear much in the media discussed about these, which is what Trump specfically asked about when he asked for a favor. Later, Zelensky brings up Joe Biden, whom, as many of you have shown me, Trump also wanted investigated. How is the server tied to the former Vice President?

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Tom Bossert talked about it.

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The server was that tall blonde woman who looked a lot like Stormy Daniels – she was hotter than hot.

Seriously, Crowdstrike is a company in the cybersecurity business link. It was hired by the democrats a couple years ago to look into what or who was hacking them. (Note: it was the Russians)

They also do what is called digital or cyber forensics – trying to detect bad people on the internet.

To read why the whole Trump thing is bogus, read this article which will tell you why the conspiracy theorists are totally loony.

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Trump seemed to be referring to the servers of the Democratic National Committee which were hacked by Russian military intelligence beginning in 2015. The DNC asked the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike to investigate and advise on how to defeat the intrusions. CrowdStrike shared information with the FBI which was conducting its own investigation into Russian election interference.

It is not at all clear why Trump would have asked Zelensky to look for these servers. Zelensky must have been quite baffled by the request.

What it does show is Trump using his influence with a foreign power to try to advance his own personal and political agenda.

PS. Zelensky didn’t bring up Joe Biden, Trump did, as is evident from records of the call.

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IMO. It sounds like Biden’s son, was being part of corruption, possibly. But, it sounds like Trump, was also guilty of corruption.
No surprise to me, that BOTH , are guilty, and seem liable, for action against them…

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Did Jim Comey once say there was a “missing server?”

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Remember that the FBI never saw the DNC server. The DNC gave the server to Crowdstrike for forensic analysis. That analysis is what the FBI used to determine that it was the Russians that hacked the DNC. All very strange.

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The FBI received images of the DNC servers and copies of relevant traffic logs. This was mentioned in the Mueller Report. It does seem a little odd that they didn’t get the actual servers but I suppose it was the content the FBI was interested in.

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It’s definitely a cluster fuck. It’s looking like Trump is headed for impeachment. It doesn’t seem like Biden should be a candidate, anymore. Trump, if he survives impeachment, which I think he will, probably shouldn’t be allowed to run in 2020 either.

Both men, seem as if they abused their power, and broke their oaths.

The Republican party should be looking for a new candidate. The Democrats are seemingly hopeless. But they should exclude Biden, from running too.

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