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What is a good credit builder loan?

Asked by honeybun35 (622points) October 1st, 2019

There are a lot of new loan companies for building credit and for personal loans. I am not looking for a third party lender. Just looking for direct lenders. Recently the going companies are Money lion and Self lenders.I think they may be scams. Any suggestions?

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Your only good credit builder is yourself. You don’t need credit in life however. As Dave Ramsey says, a credit score is a debt score. Build up your savings and be debt free.

However, as a realist I understand the importance of having a good credit score. Take out a small loan from a local bank that reports to the credit companies and pay the payment every month without being late and you’ll build great credit really fast.

Without more details, I can’t help you any further.

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If I am able to get one.

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My daughter-in-law is from Russia. She manages two banks in the US now. Recently a relative of hers immigrated over here and before they left Russia she had her take out a credit card and start building her credit that way. She was very very specific about how it could be done. You use the credit card to buy something and then you turn around and pay it off immediately. You do that over and over again over a period of months and you can build credit. By the time the relatives got here they had good credit and as soon as they were employed they qualified to rent a house.

I do not recommend this however because most people don’t have the self-control to do what it takes to stay in good graces with a credit card company, so by using a credit card they actually go deeper into debt and get rich credit. And I agree with @UnholyThirst88

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I agree too the credit card can be a bit scary though.

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Any that report to the credit companies.

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I had absolutely dreadful credit 5 years ago. I got a secured card through U.S. Bank. I had to send them $300 and that was my credit limit. So I couldn’t really fuck them over since they had a deposit. About a year of paying the bill on time made it so I could get better cards. Now I have freakishly good credit.

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