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Can one love from a distance?

Asked by josie (29498points) 2 weeks ago

Or is proximity essential?

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I live 5000 miles from my nearest child. I love him unconditionally. We text often. I only see him about once every other year. I do not have to be physically near him to love him. I have 2 other children who are even farther away, and I feel the same about them.

Who are you, and what have you done with @josie?

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Do you mean a one-sided love or long-distance relationship?

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@josie You look like yourself, but are you someone else?

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If it wasn’t possible, I wouldn’t stay on Fluther for so long.

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Romantic love. Yeah. But it’s not love. It’s fantasy…until you get the chance to actually know them

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What about if you had a relationship for over a year and a half and then the other leaves for an overseas career? We Skype,emailed,texted until the communication soon deteriorated into nothingness. I soon realized that he communicating the same way with numerous women all over the World and realized that I was been played/used.

Took two years to understand that and to move on in my life even though a year later he came back ( he needed a place to stay for a week , I said No, he was surprised and left).

This year I received an email from him as if nothing happened? I never replied as I was done with his games.

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♤♤♤♤ my point.

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Most definitely. It may be the truest of love.

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Love is on your heart. I love my dead dog/daughter. She is wherever we go, when we die. I love my dead friends too. Too many people to list…

If I can love them from this side, no distance is too great.

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Of course. Like @Mimi said, several of us here are pretty close, and I care a lot about many of you.

Romantic love, sure its possible, if both people are honest and open. Online chemistry doesnt always translate in RL though.

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Sure, there’s this gorgeous girl lives opposite me & my binocu…ahem yeah, do carry on.

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Yes but not just in miles. Consider years.

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^Very insightful. GA.

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