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Are there any professions you feel should not be allowed to go on strike?

Asked by Caravanfan (5817points) 2 weeks ago

Doctors, teachers, nurses, aircraft control workers, whatever. Should any union be allowed to go on strike if the cause seems just (from their point of view)?

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The Police,is the only branch I can think of.

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How very dare they even think about industrial action, ungrateful rebels.

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For first responders (police, fire) they should be able to go on strike with a skeleton crew working. All others should be able to exercise their right to strike; otherwise there is no point to unions.

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Anyone handling weapons. Frankly, they should not even get paid.
If they consider their profession “service”, then they should “serve” in the truest sense of the word, being derived from the Latin “servus”, ‘meaning slave’.

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Transit operators.

The local transit employees are the highest paid in the country, but still went on strike. People could not get to work. because the traffic was in 6 hour backups.

And, the Coast Guard.

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PD and FD are the two I can think of.

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@zenvelo Well, the Coast Guard is a military branch.

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@Caravanfan Yep, and they should not be allowed to go on strike!

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Anyone should be able to go on strike. It is labors responsibility to extract their maximum value from shareholders. There is always a number that will end the strike. Keep asking for more until the company will go under. Then back a bit.

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In priority, people in the medical field. Also, first responders.
Teachers or Boeing or the transit authority going on strike, is probably not going to result in people dying

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Whenever the fire service go out on strike, which is incredibly rare, the army have taken over acting as a more than adequate cover.

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@Dutchess_III So you don’t think doctors or nurses should go on strike?

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I think anybody who wants to can and should strike. The question is, are they so valuable that the strike will work. It’s a good way to find out if a job is really that important.

BTW. I think physicians should strike over third party interference in the practice of medicine. And if the US ever becomes single payer, I would help them organize.

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No I don’t think they should. Lives hang in the balance.

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