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Can I help my friend get this apartment? Should I?

Asked by longgone (15104points) 2 weeks ago

This is in Germany, so laws you know about might not apply. Anything people-related could help.

My sister is moving out of her apartment. A friend looked at the place and would really like to move in. She’s between jobs right now, but set to start self-employment in December (which is when the rental agreement would begin). She’s sure to make enough money for rent in her line of work.

The landlord rejected her after one phone call. She has an obviously Turkish name, which he asked her about. He also asked whether she has a German passport (she does). He cited her unemployment as the reason.

Discriminating due to ethnicity is completely illegal, specifically for renting agreements. What would you do? I feel sad for her and I’d like to help if I can.

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If the landlord acted out of racist motives, I think there’s not much she, or you, can do anymore.
His (racist) mind has been set and he won’t let it get changed by whatever means.
If you (and the friend more importantly) are not sure about the racism card she could try a second time (maybe send a CV, and previous rental agreements).

But, if it were me, I would suggest the friend to let this one sail by, and act on the next opportunity.
Chances are that the next landlord is not racist, and more importantly, she’ll make enough money to find something else (anyway).
Most landlords (racist or not) are moved by money (I would think).

But yeah, smells like racism.
I hold my heart for my cousin (with his Arabic surname), when he reaches the age of employment and housing (Netherlands).

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What can you do to help?

In America people who own a place they rent out can discriminate legally (most people don’t know this). They can’t discriminate if they own 4 or more rental units, and this does vary a little my state. America protects very small “business owners” from laws that might cause them an undue burden.

I think not having an income presently is a legitimate reason for a landlord to be hesitant. It’s very possible if your friend had a job she would have been given the lease. Can your friend offer to pay more rent up front so there is less risk for the owner? I think she will run into the sane problem with other landlords.

I agree there might be some racism there, which isn’t ok, but it’s everything added up together that might have ultimately caused the rejection.

Maybe the landlord had a previous bad experience? It’s not fair, but I’m just saying that might be why.

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@longgone I am not clear about HOW you can help her.

She needs a job (income) so she can pay the rent. That’s a crucial piece. No landlord is going to rent to someone who can’t pay rent.

I think that the Turkish name thing is secondary.

But aside from giving your friend a job, what can you do?

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The only thing I think you could do is to write a character reverence for your friend to the landlord and ask him to reconsider his decision. Then step away.

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If that landlord has already shown his/her ‘racism” then why in the world would your sister WANT to place herself in that situation which would become worse had she moved in?

Best to move onto another place and go in person to check out the neighbors to see if she fits in and is accepted readily.

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Even if the landlord does have s bias against Turks, he cannot have a better shield than your friend’s unemployment. It’s the perfect excuse.

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I think your friend should look for another place.

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Thanks, everyone. She has decided to look into other options because she wouldn’t feel comfortable renting from this guy.

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