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Who are famous people, or what are famous cases that involve Forensic science?

Asked by NecroKing (328points) August 28th, 2008

I’m taking forensic science in school and I already have a project, anybody know anything here?

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you should do your own homework.

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It’s due Next friday, I already have a thoughts on the Jeffery Damer case. but I just feel like asking.

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Well ‘m not asking for help I’m just asking if anybody knew anything else, I have mine ready.

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A lot of murder cases involve forensics. Lots of history does too.
The Dr. Sam Sheppard case.
Joan of Arc‘s ashes.
Ted Bundy cases.
.. check these out too.

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Oh went over Ted bundy in our class. crazy man

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Thanks for that site allie, I might find more on Damer on this site.

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you might find more if you spelled “Dahmer” correctly.

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Nice! and Dahmer? oh Damn!

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