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What's one of your Favorite childhood memories?

Asked by PaisleyFaye (1575points) October 3rd, 2019

Mine is going to the store with my mom in the rain, she would have me walk with her, I’d be under her long leather trench coat, is peek out and let the rain hit my face…

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Working at my family’s wholesale flower business over the summer. I swept floors, bundled flowers. I was a kid, around ten or even. They paid me in cookies.

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That last part was suppose to say, I’d peek out and let the rain hit my face.

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@cookieman As a kid how can you say no to cookies? Lol Very cool memory!

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I worked for my father as a kid and saved my money to rent a horse.
They would bring it out to the cabin we had and I’d have it for the day.They’d bring it out in the morning and pick it up at dusk.
I was able to cover a lot of ground and go to places I wouldn’t normally get to go on foot.
Another was my mom playing Beatles tunes on the piano I can’t play that is sitting in my living room.Lol

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The woods where I played with other children, which were about 120 acres, mostly of a high elevation, amid Raleigh Tennessee (now annexed by Memphis)’s high picturesque bluffs. The trees were very tall and stately.

In these woods were many leafy hollows as well as large clearings with springs and gravel-pits. One secluded pocket, I remember, had the distinct ambiance of being under water. I still know these pathways—as brief as the four years I walked them, and as long ago as they were, I still know them.

The “Green Movement” was already a factor in my early years . TV programs and ecological campaigns advocating the cause against pollution and promoting the love of nature were already familiar and embraced by me (they still are). And I did love nature: the frogs, crayfish, chipmunks, birds, trees, etc. Sure, there were thorns and thistles, mosquitoes, and snakes, but they could be avoided or controlled.

In our rural neighborhood there were no streetlights, just garden lights in neighbor’s yards, a few mercury-vapor lights (the bluish green yard lights that produce a glow like moonlight) porch lights and carport lights.

All of the roads were old country roads, and I remember the many sillohettes of the twisted trees in the moonlight. And there were fireflies’ mesmerizing patterns in the night air, which was always heavily laden with the fragrances of honeysuckle and sassafras, the soft, intermingled smells of many forest trees and foliage, vegetable and flower gardens, herb gardens, mint gardens, tomato plants. And the beauty of the nighttime sky, as the stars are not as bright and sweet nowadays due to all the light pollution.

The city of Memphis annexed Raleigh when I was eight, and since the summer I turned eleven this area (Raleigh, TN near Bartlett) has mostly become a blighted area. But every now and then, when in a rural garden, children’s summer camp or just a rural neighborhood at night, I am there again.

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Running free in the woods until early evening.
I love been in nature, its so peaceful and inspiring.

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Sneaking a little butter from the dish when it was on the table but before mother called everyone in to dinner. I loved it and couldn’t resist. I was about three years old. She caught me one time and made me put a chunk in my mouth and swallow it. I was cured.

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Swinging on my swingset looking up at the clouds on an absolute beautiful day. My dad and his friends had the music going (Everybody’s working for the weekend) was playing and they were playing basketball in the driveway. I didn’t have a care in the world and thought that life was so good.

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@Castle Ahhhh the carefree times of childhood, that seems like a great memory, I’m sure you smile every time you think of that time.

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@PaisleyFaye I do smile about that. I still live that moment sometimes.

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@Castle Well that’s the beauty of the mind, we all have a mental file cabinet we go to when we need to have a moment of feeling uplifted in a way…I know I do at times.

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