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Do you currently use alcohol?

Asked by hmmmmmm (3715points) 1 month ago

If so, what type (beer, wine, vodka, etc), why do you take it, what is your experience with it? Do you consume it daily?

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At this moment,no. I’m having Koolaid with stevia.
When I do have a drink,it will either be wine or a beer, limited to no more than two as I like to retain my ability to climb trees.
I certainly do not consume alcohol on a daily,nor am I a weekend warrior when it comes to that.
I told you about the trees, right?

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Beer-Anchor Steam
Wine-Joel Gott unoaked chardonney
Spirits-Glen Livet 14 or Dalwhinnie 15

I’m pretty easy.

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@lucillelucillelucille: “limited to no more than two as I like to retain my ability to climb trees.”

I feel as though I should know what to “climb trees” means…or maybe you are really climbing trees. Sounds fun.

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@josie: “Anchor Steam”

I like this beer (and they officially unionized back in March!)

Wine and other spirits are a mystery to me. My palate is not refined enough to enjoy the good stuff. My friend is a sommelier and is a bit frustrated that I can’t really tell her amazing wine from a box.

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@hmmmmmm – I do mean climbing trees.
It’s fun until someone gets hurt! XD

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I also like Guiness. I guess I could do without Anchor Steam if I had to.

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Sometimes I’ll have a glass or two of wine with friends, and on occasion I’ll have a glass of wine just because I like the taste and it relaxes me. Probably have 4–5 glasses a month.
The fact that I occasionally have a glass of wine by myself constitutes, to my mother, “drinking alone”, which is akin to lying in the gutter, covered in my own drunken vomit.
I have told her that the presence of the dog preserves the illusion of company, and that the family dignity remains (just barely!) intact.

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@josie-Guiness is good with steak and ale soup-I forgot about that combo.
@canidmajor – Too funny!

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@canidmajor: “I have told her that the presence of the dog preserves the illusion of company”

One dog = two people. Two glasses of wine in the company of a dog = one glass of wine in the company of a human. Or something.

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Well, my dog certainly thinks I’m charming when I’ve had a little tipple!

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I consume alcohol on occasion. I had some this past weekend; the last time I had had any before that was in July. I generally drink wine or cocktails of various kinds. I drink in two contexts: 1) I order alcohol with dinner and drink enough to maybe feel tipsy, but no more. This tends to only happen when I’m at dinner with a group of friends and that’s not often. 2) I drink at parties to get drunk. This happens a few times a year, mainly at New Year’s, my birthday, my best friend’s birthday, and potentially one or two other occasions.

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Maybe one beer a month.

Wine, every 6 months.

Hard liquor – maybe once a year

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Sparingly, sparingly. I have a weak stomach when it comes to too much. And too much isn’t that much…

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I only drink twice a year, my birthday (only 9 days to go) & throughout the xmas period.
Alcohol has never “done” it for me & so the appeal has never been strong.

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I drink alcohol about twice a month on average, a pint or two of lager or Guinness.

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I don’t drink alcohol because it doesn’t taste good and I have no interest feeling altered. I like feeling like me. I rather have a good cup of coffee or glass of strong iced tea or lemonade.

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Not much. At a restaurant I usually have a nice pale ale or wine. If I’m with my cousins I’ll have whiskey or moonshine. I’m ambivalent.

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I was just thinking of this recently, because the doctor’s office has a form asking how often you smoke, use illicit drugs and use alcohol. They had categories “never” up to “x drinks per day.”

I drink about five times a year. Two of those occasions might be at holiday parties in December. Those are mixed drinks. Maybe two others would be family gatherings where everyone is drinking wine. Maybe one other would be another party or family gathering.

If I went to someone’s house and they offered me some kind of drink, I’d probably take it. I have alcohol that people give me as gifts and I never drink it at home. I will sometimes put it in a baked good, like a cake or bread, or soak fruit in it for a baked good.

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Sure. I just started homebrewing this year and am enjoying the last of my 3rd successful batch. My neighbor across the street is an Italian wine importer and we usually hang out once or twice a week and have a glass or two of wine or some homebrew.

I generally avoid the hard stuff, but I’ve been known to occasionally sip a fine Añejo Tequilla, or bourbon on the rocks. I only drink socially though and if I did an honest accounting of my alcohol consumption, I’m very confident my mean consumption works out to less than 0.5 drinks per day. Homebrewing is mostly for the fun/challenge and joy of sharing with others.

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As close to “never” as you can get without it actually being never. It doesn’t appeal to me like it did in college where I had to drink under any and all circumstances.

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I use a little rubbing alcohol once in a while.

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