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What has someone said to you that has helped you through a really dark time?

Asked by raum (7728points) October 3rd, 2019 from iPhone

A parent found some graffiti written at a local elementary school.

Kill yourself before it’s too late. Everything goes downhill after elementary school.

Another parent covered up the graffiti. Though it’s still clear that whoever wrote it was/is in a dark place. Some parents had the idea to add some art in that area in the hopes that the author would come back and see it.

If we were to write something on the sidewalk in chalk, do you have any suggestions for things that people have said to you that’s helped you?

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You’ll get through it, the journey won’t be easy but it will definitely be worth it.

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I don’t have a specific quote because I can’t access my original account but things that @gailcalled said to me after my mother suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm helped me tremendously. One particular quote of hers about me supplying fecal matter for a fecal implant for my Mom which temporarily saved her life was funny during a most difficult time. I’ve tried to search for the communication but i’m not having luck at the moment.

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During the worst days of my life, I felt as if I were the lowest creature on the planet.
A friend came to me, and asked if I would help her have a child, no strings attached.
I felt as if she were saying I was capable of positive contributions, and was of value. I didn’t take her up on the offer, but have always been grateful.

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I’ve has lots of dark times. Fluther, and it’s jellies, have been a primary source of help lately.

The person who wrote that graffiti, is definitely troubled. I would try to find out what kid it was intended for. Odds are, the graffiti artist bullies them on social media. That could narrow down your list of suspects. Then. If you find out who it is, I would try to talk to the kid’s parents. If they are not helpful, call the police.

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I would write another line beneath it: ”...but then you’ll miss the joy of seeing all the flowers and sunshine and people waving while you slide down the hill”, accompanied by a picture of a person skiing down in a colorful place.

And no, that isn’t what anyone said to me. It’s just a quote I made up :P

P.S: is there a news report for that? It looks like something huge for a news.

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Someone told me most suicidal people don’t want to die, they just want their pain to stop. I was told this in my teens and it was huge. Changed my perspective significantly.

In my 20’s I was going through a very bad time, a break up with a long time boyfriend. It caused me extremely high anxiety, and I had very bad stomach upset from it. So much that I didn’t think it was from just the anxiety anymore. I desperately wanted to feel physically better, I wasn’t even focused on how incredibly sad I was. I went to the doctor, he was young, in his late 20’s maybe. He told me when he had a bad break up he couldn’t sleep. He showed me empathy with his own experience, and it helped.

During this same time a woman several years older than me who had been through two divorces told me it takes 4–6 months to get through it. That helped me tremendously. I was so sick, and the idea that I wasn’t getting better quickly was terrifying that I would never feel better. Her realistic time frame made me believe I would overcome and be normal again.

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Even in darkness there is Joy. The joy of eternal Hope.

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“Tell me what you are going to do with your one wild and precious life.” Quoted to me by Gail from poet Mary Oliver aftermy spouse left.

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“Would sir like one to light one’s candles?”

My butler during a power cut at ucme mansion.

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“But don’t be afraid. It will cause you to hunker down when you need to keep moving”

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When babies are born they leave the only world they know, but life is not over. In return for learning the great task of breathing, they are treated to delicious milk.
As we leave each major stage of life, we find new responsibilities waiting for us, but also new treats and adventures to thrill us.

After elementary school, we are tall enough for the really cool carnival rides!

Jr. High school is hell, but it only lasts a couple of years. The life beyond is filled with mysteries and hidden treasures.

You don’t get fed every day so you can just give up.

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“I love you”.

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Patty needs a good man @seawulf575…. Just saying…

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We spend most of our childhood and adult lives just learning how to cope with standing. That’s just all there is though, that little bit. While we are alive we need to stand up. It means letting go… of everything. Every expectation, every possession, relationship and every breath if need be. You can have these things if it is in the cards for you but in the end they don’t matter. What does is that you put one foot in front of the other.
You simply move forward, take the good with the bad, be content and enjoy the wonder of living. It took years of hypochondria for me to finally realize this. Once I did it was like flipping a switch. The truth is, it’s all good. Even the bad things that happen to you. You just have to keep your perspective in the right place and grow from your experiences. If you don’t you’re not standing.

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A good attempt that worked for a bit Is . “I belive that you believe”. When I admited that I was having visions and belived that I was traveling thru time, in a time loop. I met some friends who I lost contact with who actually belived that I was experiencing time loops and visions. It was progress and worth having hope that I could be getting somewhere with my burdens. Without being alone.

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