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What is the difference between "We are the Weather" and "We are the Climate"?

Asked by flo (12924points) October 4th, 2019

Jonathan Safran Foer’s book is “We are the Weather”.
Did someone lese write “We are the Climate”? If so who?
Also, what does “We Are the Weather” mean?

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Climate is what you expect based on years of trends and forecasting. Weather is what you get in any given day or group of days…........two to five.

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@flo you could get the books or at least read reviews on them. Then you could tell US!

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@Sagacious Thant’s what I thought too. He’s saying le’s save the planet climate change is man made let’s reduce, recycle, recycle etc. So I don’t know why his book is not “We Are the Weather”. Its look like a major typo.

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…Corrected version:
That’s what I thought too. He’s saying let’s save the planet, Climate change is mainly man made, _Let’s reduce reuse, recycle,etc. So, I don’t klnow why his book isn’t “We Are the Climate” instead of “We Are the “Weather.” It looks like a major typo.

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Because we are causing climate change, which is long term and we need to fix it.

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Well, @flo I just don’t question the man’s reasons for his title. Read the book and if you feel like you need to contact the author, I’m sure he will be thrilled to hear from you.

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1)Unless your practice should not be followed, who else should people never question? Is it all authors, or authors who write about the environment, authors who teach at NYC or….?
2)(Edited : Re. your “you need to contact the author, ”, If he is on Fluther I am contacting him. Why are you assuming he would not be be on Fluther?)

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