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I simply cannot win with my HID setup?

Asked by Mr_Grimm (412points) October 4th, 2019

I have had a morimoto retrofit setup on my subaru for the 3 years I have had the car. For the last year, my passenger side light went out. I called the company that supports the retrofit and I have replaced everything including the following.
*The ballast
*The ignitor
*The bulb (which was indeed burnt out)
I even just replaced the wiring harness and was able to get both lights to work. I put everything back together, turned on my car and The passenger hid is not turning on. So i twisted the ignitor slightly and turned the lights back on and it worked. I was able to drive around the block hitting bumps to test for a loose connection, and there was none! I got home, turned off my lights, turned them back on and now the passenger side light wont turn on. I cannot resort to the factory bulbs due to the retrofit. I really don’t want to have to buy anything else, until i can find out what in fact is really going on. I have checked the fuses for my headlights as well and they are perfectly fine.

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Have you checked your on board computer system??? I had a Ford Taurus that refused to crank. My mechanic had retired as the Manager of the Service Department of a large Ford Dealership. He worked directly with Ford for over a month tracing everything back only to find that the motherboard on the computer system was faulty. Once the mb was replaced, everything went back to working properly & continued to work until I bought my next car. Might not be your problem, but is the last place you’d think to look!!!

Hope you find your problem soon!!!

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May I ask, what brand, and type of vehicle is in question?

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Look for a loose or bad ground wire in the harness. Also are there any other tings not working??

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@Mr_Grimm . From my understanding, Subaru, has a good reputation . The part you speak of, is likely a problem, with most of the same vehicles. I would contact a dealership. If that provides no help, I would contact another…. It’s beyond unlikely that the issue, isn’t constant, with that make, and model….

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Do you have a good automotive electrician you could go to. I still think there maybe a grounding issue or a bad ballast/igniter.

It is only one side and has worked.

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The wiring harness has the ground now built into the relays. They recieve the ground from the battery terminals. Im thinking more along the lines of a loose connection on the ignitor. This is an aftermarket kit by a reputable company. Nothing subaru about my lighting haha

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I have yet checked the polarity with a reader. I will be doing that today.

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I appreciate the moderators enforcing proper grammar and punctuation. However, can you send me a message regarding what was wrong, instead of removing the comments all together. I had useful information, and I do not remember what I wrote.

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WHOA relays !

You have a connection straight from the battery to the HID harness? Two relays – - one not working.

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