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It’s Fat Bear Week! Who’s your pick?

Asked by canidmajor (16335points) October 5th, 2019

Every year Katmai National Park in Alaska hosts this competition, with the favorites showcased and a bracket (like the sports teams have) and everything! Social media is abuzz as we watch our favorite brown bears in Alaska chub up before hibernation. Pick a winner!
Personally, I’m rooting for Holly.

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Steve Carbloader McGee.
He’s Holly’s largely unknown cousin

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I edited to add the link.

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@canidmajor -I am unable to vote ( I think) as it is through FB?
My vote however, would go to the under dog.

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I picked Holly too before I read the rest of the OP.

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Andrew Sullivan

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or 747

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Lefty won the Sunday showdown with 747, and so far Holly is way ahead of Grazer in early Monday votes tallied.
We’re coming down to the wire, folks!!!

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Is Walker still in it?

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Sorry, @Patty_Melt, Walker was voted out last Thursday. :-(

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Today is the day! Holly and Lefty go blubber to blubber in the final round….

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Aaaaaaaannnnndd….the winner is Our Queen of Corpulence, HOLLY! Gonna go order my T-shirt now.

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Hooray! I’m so glad you told us about this @canidmajor

I think I’ll get a T-shirt too! Yaay!

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