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If you can give a warning to your younger self, what would it be?

Asked by PaisleyFaye (204points) 1 week ago

Advise to your younger self.

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Brush your teeth.

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Smoking doesn’t make you cool. It actually decreases your options for landing some trim. Nearly every person that smokes will bang a non-smoker. But not every non-smoker will let a smoker put your tongue in their mouth. You are drastically cutting down your chances of action.

That and the whole mouth/neck cancer thing…

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@johnpowell Now that’s a word from the wise!!

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It doesn’t matter. I would have ignored it….

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Stay away from the candy vans.

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Believe in yourself & the rest will follow!!!

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Warning? “In 2016 trump that hotel and condo owner from NY will be living in the WH in 2016 twitting a billion tweets as he hosts the worst reality TV show in history. Now let me explain to you what Twitter is and what reality TV shows are.”

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Pay close attention because people always show you what they are.

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Try to stay with him for 3 more years so you can get his SS when he retires.

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Don’t waste your life on low-paying, often temporary, dead-end jobs. Get something with security (economic, and something that lasts) and actual money.

It sucks bad when you lose everything you have worked for because you have no income for the housenote / rent.

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Doesn’t matter. I would have ignored the warning anyway and probably would have done that very thing just out of spite.

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Transfer to another university as soon as possible. Don’t date crazy girls.

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It’s better to have no friends than to have lousy ones. That’s what I told myself in high school, and it’s still true today.. I’ve been alone a lot throughout my life, and I’ve learned to do “alone” very well. It’s not fun, but I sure know how!

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^No one is perfect. If you’re seeking perfect friends, you’ll certainly be alone. True friends, can talk to each other though. Tell one another about their experiences, and give advice on how those friends, could treat you better, if that’s the case. We are born alone. And we will die alone.
It saddens me, that you claim to live in solitude. That’s not our way. As with any relationship, you take the good, with the bad. I would recommend that you find some friends. It’d be good for you. Maybe you just need to get better, at communication, with others. Don’t imprison yourself in solitude, and apethy...

Friends, and people in general, will let you down. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up on them. They can help you, and add value to your life, even if they are not perfect… Giving up on having friends, is giving up on yourself… Please, don’t do that…

Peace n love.

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@LadyMarissa I’ve never asked for perfect friends. Not sure where you picked that idea up. Maybe you read too much into my comment?

For 40 years I was, and still am in a position that many people would love to use to advance their own agenda. Gossips, bullies, and any number of unbalanced people have tried to take advantage of a relationship with me. I know to maintain strict boundaries and use excellent judgement with the people I call friends.

I’m allergic to or sensitive to many environmental pollutants. So not only must my friends be reliable, they’ve got to be willing to accommodate my limitations. That’s a very tall order. The result is that I live a hermit-ish lifestyle. I’m not completely alone. I’m married to my husband of 44 years, but other than him and a few friends I speak to over the phone, I am alone. I’ve learned to cope. I’m always open to new possibilities though. I never give up hope.

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Goodness, bad friends doesn’t mean imperfect people, it means toxic people.
I too have very few friends, because I am unwilling to attach myself to an alliance with people who float in a pond of toxicity and and drown perfectly good people attempting to keep themselves afloat.

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Oops, my comment should have been addressed to @MrGrimm888 too.

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@snowberry Thanks for catching that…I agree with you 100%!!! I’m very picky who I allow into my inner circle. Bringing in too much drama will definitely get you pushed out faster than you came in!!!

I’m of the opinion that there is NO such thing as the “perfect” friend as we ALL have flaws!!! I can overlook the flaws as long as it’s NOT drama nor bringing a toxic attitude with the friendship!!! I’m also touchy about being thrown under the bus by my friends!!!

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@LadyMarissa Again, you and @grimmy came up with the “perfect friend” deal. I don’t want one, and have never had one.

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My warning to my younger self would involve family, and that a bright future for her would be smoothest if she forget having husband and children, and focus on surrounding herself with a supportive group of like minded friends.
I started life in a small community. My parents started moving us around a lot. I didn’t know how to approach people for friendship.
If my now self could talk to my younger self, young Patty would be fascinated, and eager to understand what now Patty has to say. There are some key things I could say to help her steer in a more wholesome, fulfilling life. I would encourage her to ignore demeaning attitudes that come from family members, and to use her vitality and inner light to make a place for herself away from those Debbie downers who currently make up her world.
I think she would be relieved to know she could do a few changes to make her future something to look forward to.
Telling her to not worry about Fortran, that computers would soon become a useful tool for everyone, would be a key piece of information. It would enable her to follow a path she thought was beyond her reach.

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Dude, do not marry that stupid blond chick with the big boobs

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@snowberry . I didn’t mean it as an insult. I was just concerned about you. Apologies.

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“In 2008, go after the girl in New York!”

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