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Would THIS make a Trump supporter think twice?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41088points) 2 months ago

1) Go to work tomorrow and tell and person of color to go back where they came from.

2) Find a coworker with disabilities and mock them.

3) Grab a coworker by the pussy.

4) Call a less attractive coworker a “horse face,” or a “dog.”

5) See if you can make it until lunch before you’re fired.

You would never do those things? Then how can you support a man who DID? How could you vote for such a man to be president of our country? How can you continue to support him?

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You forgot sleep with a porn star while the wife is home pregnant.
But to his sheep he can do no wrong, even to go as far as saying it was the porn stars fault.
He cares about no one but himself.
Has no caring or empathy for anyone or any thing.
Thinks climate change is a hoax, and going so far to remove emission standards for new vehicles.
Takes credit for everything doing good ,and blames everyone else for the bad stuff, ego maniac .again his sheep see no wrong.
In other words nope, to them he is just the greatest, sorta like what Hitler was to the German people at the time.

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You cannot get the right (or anyone else) to defend the ethical suitability of the fool. There may be a broad spectrum of political opinion here, but THAT is an issue that will be hanging here uncontested when you and I are both dead and buried.

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The unbelievable thing is that tens of millions of Americans support Trump, in fact embrace him, and simply overlook the uncultured, boorish behavior that he brings.

There include normally educated people – some here on this Fluther board – who are willing to overlook ethics, overlook honesty, and overlook very bad behavior, simply because Trump has an® next to his name.

And yet those same Trump supporters are the ones who will eagerly call names to any democratic who has an ounce of talent or honesty. (Think Obama).

Face it, republicans are hypocrites.

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That’s the point. There will never be a more clear cut example of the lengths people are willing to compromise their personal convictions in the hope of ideological advantage. If you want to watch a conservative visibly cringe, remind him that the fool’s picture hangs in his kid’s clasroom.

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You’ve got to be able to think once before you can think twice

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Good point!

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