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I am putting together an (end of the summer) slideshow for a group of students. I need to find some good fun, uplifting music any ideas?

Asked by rstern (10points) July 30th, 2007

The slideshow is for a group of thai students that were here for a summer orientation. we are putting together a collection of all the pictures from the summer

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A little strange, but I'm a big fan of this guy:

In general, is a great place to find creative-commons licensed music =)

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Vince Gauraldi's Peanuts music never fails to put me in good mood. I have a friend building a slideshow that is currently using his music.

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Billy Joel is good, especially In the Middle of the Night and River of Dreams. I think most Motown songs are good for this, too.

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Surprisingly little known group Action Figure Party (;=list&pid;=9447 ) has some great mainly instrumental grooves. Somewhere between Jazz and Hiphop.

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You can try the pop classical "Can You Feel It" from The Jacksons (very uplifting), or maybe some pop-rock "Beautiful Day" - U2, "Don't Stop Me Now" Queen, "Always Look at the Bright Side of Life" by Monty Python, or, why not, "Komodo" - Mauro Picoto a house track.
You can use all of these, or if you want to find something more "special" go to or, and there you can find similar tracks. Good luck!

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I recently worked on a similar slide show, I began by showing really moving pictures together with Andy Mckee's "For my father" to set up a mellow, kinda sad mood, but then, struck the audience with kind of like blooper pics or funny pics, and found the version of "I like to move it" from Madagaskar (The Movie) did all the work. I think it is funny and lets you mess with the funniest pics by giving you a nice background

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