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If Lee Harvey Oswald had not been silenced by Jack Ruby, would he ever have gotten out of prison?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27139points) 2 months ago

Do you think he would ever have told the real story behind the JFK assassination?

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He was assassinated in Texas I believe? He would have been given the death penalty. So no. He would have taken his secret to the grave.

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And if he had asserted that he was the lone assassin for the rest of his life, would people have been satisfied with that?

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Although it was NEVER a popular opinion, I NEVER believed that Oswald pilled the trigger & Ruby was just the patsy to make sure the truth was NEVER heard!!! I ALWAYS had the hope that the truth would come out before I die. Now I have my doubts that I will ever know the truth!!!

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@LadyMarissa The CIA’s 75 year block on reading what really happened is going to be made public soon in 21 years. If you can wait till the 2040’s, you will get more answers. I will be in my 70’s around then.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I’ll be 70 in February, so I’ll be in my 90’s by time it comes out. I might live that long, but odds are that I WON’T!!!

I have a pretty good idea what their report will say & I already don’t believe what they will be claiming!!!

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Oddly, it is Ruby’s killing of Oswald that opens the door to a conspiracy. I think the conspirators expected Oswald to be killed during capture.

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Oh yes, he was supposed to escape during capture so they could shoot him in the process. He didn’t exactly cooperate.

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I doubt Lee Harvy had any idea what he was doing. Or Lee Harvey.

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I don’t think he was smart enough to stage the assassination…yet too smart to get shot in the back while attempting to run!!!

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