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Why are Husky dogs so talkative?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44146points) October 7th, 2019

Youtube is rife with hilarious Husky videos.. Blaze says NO! And they are all Huskies.
What makes Huskies do this? And why don’t other dogs “talk” like that?

This one of my favorites but it’s not a Husky.

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Because…Huskies are awesome!

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Pent up energy. When I was a kid, a man in my neighborhood came down from Alaska to care for his terminally ill dad & he brought 4 huskies with him. The dogs soon grew notorious for their fascination with the nearby railroad. When a passing train would toot its airhorn, the 4 of them would lift their snouts toward the stars and howl in unison as true as any wolves!

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Our Dakota (German shepherd) would howl when the tornado sirens went off. She was so on key or pitch, or what ever, that it sent chills up my spine.
But she never “talked” like Huskies do.

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Cato has a boat load of pent up energy. He doesn’t talk like that. And all the videos show a husky who can go run off that energy but they just lay there and complain.

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Some people who have cold feet are always complaining about it. Maybe the huskies do, too.

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For the longest time we heard crying coming from up the ally across the street. When we investigated it was a husky in a small pen. No food, no water, no room. He did have a dog house that he sometimes jumped up on to cry.
It was heartbreaking. I called animal control 2 or 3 times. I don’t actually know what happened, but he was gone after that summer and fall.
We would have taken him.

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I’ve had two Huskies both were talkers also had a beagle cross that would howl but also talk.

Currently have German Shepard – Black lab crosses, they start to howl if the phone rings and no one is on the floor they are on. The boy will talk about “it’s time for…. dinner…. snacks”, he is accurate about the time plus ten minutes.

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This is the video I really wanted to show you but I couldn’t strip it from FB. But JP did!

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I’d imagine it has something to do with huskies being pack animals?

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All dogs are.

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Hmmm…I didn’t think domesticated dogs are pack animals. Though I may be wrong?

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Probably, the sled dogs encourage each other to keep going. Just like geese in the back of the flight formation encourage the geese in the front who are working the hardest against the headwinds.

It’s just a guess.

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@raum in some 3rd world countries there are feral dog packs roaming around, but they are different from wolf packs.
Here is some “interesting information.“ Apparently some feral dogs make temporary packs, unlike wolves, who I think stay with one pack for life.

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This question reminds me of Miska the Talking Husky, I think her name was. And well I don’t know a true answer. Huskies are just happy and energetic and love being the center of attention with us humans,

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