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Secret Photo Spots in New York?

Asked by bpeoples (2546points) August 28th, 2008

I’m going to have about a half day in New York City the weekend after next. Looking for some cool spots to try to check out, maybe as a Saturday or Sunday morning sunrise? I like to avoid the “standard” shots of New York, but I love the texture of the city.

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We have some Waterfalls that perhaps would look good basked under the dusk light. Consider them because, aside from being recent creations made at a great scale, they are only a temporary installation.

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I don’t know if this is “standard” or not, but I recommend the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park. It’s beautiful yet a little bit off the beaten path for most tourists. Also, getting there will require walking through Central Park a bit which always provides good photo opportunities. It’s one of, if not my favorite, places to walk in the City. It is a also an absolutely amazing place to watch the sunrise. Mmm, just talking about it makes me miss it! Let us know how how your adventure goes. :)

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You can get some interesting shots from Inwood Park – take the A train to the end of the line – it is a two block walk from the station. Also, the view from the Cloisters at the top of Fort Tryon park is very good.(also in Inwood.) Inwood stands in for Central Park in a lot of tv shows.

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I feel the greenery of nearby parks add a touch of nature which, aside of Central Park, is hard to get in the city without a skyscraper of some sort getting into the image, so I am suggesting, with exception of the Peace fountain, places in the outer boroughs for you to choose one (they are all very far apart from each other to tackle in one morning).

In Brooklyn, consider then Grand Army Plaza – an imposing Arc de Triomphe-like monument with Prospect Park’s beautiful canopy of trees framing it right behind. You should find plenty of inspiration there.

In the Upper West Side in Manhattan there is also the giant & surreal Fountain of Peace located in the garden outside the St. John the Divine Cathedral. The menagerie of animals and other ‘characters’ will mesmerize you, specially if you visit it at dusk or dawn.

I have seen many mid-day photos of the Flushing Meadows Corona Park (in Queens), but none of it in the early morning light.

Last, in my beloved Bronx we have City Island, a quaint single-street historic seaport community. At the end of the street there are two seafood restaurants where you can get some wonderful shots of maritime scenes, including the local congregation of seagulls and the occasional swan will amuse you, at least for a short while (take the #6 train to Pelham Bay (1 hr from the city, then a 20 minutes free transfer bus to City Island).

Best of lucks!

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One of my favorite taggers from when i lived in New York was “Neckface” I remember one great hot pink hairy arm on a side of building around 22nd and A and then another random face low on a building around Prince and Elizabeth… this was about 4 years a go so those specific pieces are probably gone, but I know he’s still around… I can’t give you a specific place, but he’s fun to keep your eye out for as you’re exploring these other spots… Like a little inside joke from me to you, I promise you’ll laugh if you see them. His tags are always great urban signs to capture

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If I told you, they wouldn’t be secret!

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