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Do you have a favorite style of house?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) October 8th, 2019

This is an excerpt from a 2018 issue of “Money” magazine:
In a poll of 2,000 commissioned by real estate website Trulia, 43% of respondents named craftsman as a favorite style.
It has been my favorite style for as long as I can remember.( and everything that goes with it)
I see this influence a lot in newer homes and commercial buildings.‘Bout time.
I imagine that it would cost a small fortune to duplicate those homes today using the same kind of craftsmanship and materials.
So, what say you? Do you have a favorite type of home?

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Victorian or mid-century modern. Log houses are also very cool.

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@jca2 -Some of the color schemes on the exterior of Victorian homes are pretty interesting.

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West-coast modern zen fusion with warm woods and Japanese joinery.

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I do and I don’t. The real issue is one of location.

For example, I liked a lot of the modern looking Frank Lloyd Wright homes, but they almost all have flat roofs, and flat roofs just don’t work well in places with lots of snow.

Log homes are great, but again, it depends where. There’s a beautiful log home about ¾ mile away from me. But it just doesn’t fit in. It’s next to a couple of frame ranch houses and the log home, beautiful as it is, just doesn’t work.

What I don’t like:

- Victorian

- anything with adobe on the outside

- ultramodern

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I’ve always liked bungalows

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@gorillapaws -Is that type of joinery done without the use of glues,screws and nails?

…I have looked and it is amazing.

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@elbanditoroso- I know what you mean but I’d be hard pressed to say I wouldn’t live in a Craftsman bungalow in any location.:)

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@josie -I get American Bungalow magazine so I can come up with more projects to add to a never ending list. :)

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@gorillapaws -

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I’m really into the interior décor of houses, more so than the exterior. Sometimes I’ll look at the NY Times Real Estate online, and they’ll have a feature where they compare what you get for a certain price point in three different areas of the country. For example, what you get for 1.5 million in California, Rhode Island and Wisconsin or something like that. They’ll show three houses or properties (like a condo) currently up for sale, and you can view the interior and exterior photos. I love looking at how people decorate. I love looking at a cozy Vermont interior with a fire place and woolen plaid blanket on the couch, or a beautiful window with a great view of an ocean, or forest or something incredible.

I always loved looking at magazines, even though magazines are now not so popular, and seeing different types of interiors. Now it’s Instagram. On Instagram, you can view different designers, or different hashtags and see various types of wallpapers, paint colors, rooms, tableware, you name it.

When visiting friends whose furniture layout doesn’t quite “work,” I’ll envision how I’d decorate if it were my living room, or where I’d place their furniture if it were mine. Once, a friend told me, when I visited her apartment for the first time, that she knew that I was into decorating and she asked if I had any ideas about her living room furniture placement. We ended up moving furniture and she still keeps the furniture in the same place I suggested it over 20 years ago.

Right now I’m in the process of getting some major bathroom work done, and then will paint the dining room and living room and put in new furniture. First step, picking out vanity and tub tiles.

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@jca2 – I have to renovate the master bathroom.
I work with clay and can make my own tiles (not hard to-one just needs the equipment)
I thought I could put a nod to my husbands ancestry by making a few small “White Rose of York” tiles as accents.
Then I saw a tile “rug”
Something like this could be changed to any color scheme and size.
I also like a simple B&W honeycomb floor tile with white subway tiles on the wall. That way, I could change the wall color every 10 minutes like I am prone to do!
and that is how I drive myself crazy & procrastinate! Lol!
Do you have all your plans worked out?

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@lucillelucillelucille: My bathroom is small – about 6×15 or something like that. I asked my daughter if she prefers a tub or walk in shower, and she said tub. There’s a small casement window in the tub area, so that has to be replaced, too. It doesn’t make sense to put in new tub and tiles and keep the old crappy window. I’m into white, and then any color that will be introduced will be towels and bath mat or whatever. So white tub, white tiles, maybe with some streaks of gray, and the vanity will be bigger than the one now, and the toilet moved over. Now it’s a 30 inch vanity, probably going to a 42 inch vanity. White or a light gray vanity. There’s a pretty light green one but I want to stay as neutral as possible. Floor, I’m not sure whether to go with ceramic or premium vinyl plank. New toilet. Home Depot quality. Keeping it simple and fairly economical. There’s a soffit over the tub, which people talked about taking out, but that adds to the work and the time. Also there’s a small closet, about 15 inches wide, with a 12 inch wide door, which I will replace. I could have the closet taken out, but then where would the crap be stored? Unless I made the vanity even bigger. Also putting on a new bathroom door, because again, to make everything new and keep the old crappy door doesn’t make sense. The medicine cabinet that’s in there now (3 doors with mirrors) is ok and the lighting fixture is ok to leave.

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@jca2 – I am envious of your storage room!
I do like white as pone can change color schemes with the other stuff.
How long do you figure your project will take?

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I’m hoping just about a week. I’m planning to stay in a hotel with my daughter for a few nights and then once the toilet is hooked up, we can stay back in the house. I can go a day or two without a shower. It’s the only bathroom in the house, which is what makes it a big chore. I had a guy come give me an estimate and he said two weeks, and he tells people to join a gym. That’s wonderful, but if I have to go to the bathroom before bed or in the middle of the night, I’m not going to drive to a gym.

Estimate from a company was 10k plus the customer purchases the tub, the tiles, the vanity, the toilet, the door, etc. Friend is doing it for way less. The tub is a few hundred, vanity is about 500 to 1000, there’s about 70 sq feet of tub tiles and about 40 sq feet of flooring. I think I’m going to go with a rod and curtain. I know I could put on a door but a curtain is more flexible, as far as getting in and out with the small bathroom. In the future, I could always put a door on.

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@jca2 – A week or so of suffering is not too bad when you end up with a good result. :)
I have a curtain in the shower I use and I like it. My husband wants a door.
We might have to wrestle for it.

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I think doors look nicer and make the bathroom look more open, but in a small bathroom like what we have, it would mean half of the width of the tub wouldn’t be accessible to get in and out of, which would mean an adjustment with our habits.

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@jca2 – The previous owner removed the old wood doors and replaced them with some composite crapola.Makes me sad, that does.I should clarify that last statement…lol I think doors and I go to the irritating doors in my house that have nothing to do with a bathroom.XD
As fr doors on the shower, that would make it look bigger for sure but it reminds me of a penguinarium.Lol!
I do have a feeling that my hub will win this one.

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