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Can you give me information about flying on JetBlue?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (34057points) October 8th, 2019

I have never flown JetBlue. Hawaiian Airlines now has a partnership with them, and some Hawaiian flights are actually on JetBlue.

Do they have an upgraded economy section that gives extra legroom? I’m very tall, so this is vitally important to me.

Do they have first class?

Do they provide meals? Even if one must pay for them on the flight?

Can one check bags?

What else can you tell me about JetBlue Airlines?

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They have simple meals you can purchase on-board. Things like sandwiches or cheese and cracker plates.

They have a new thing called “Mint.” One thousand dollars extra each way, includes hot meals, drinks, bed-type of chair and all that. My aunt took it from Las Vegas to NY and back. She loved it. I guess if you can afford it, it’s great.

You can reserve your seats and some have more legroom than others. I believe those are a bit more (this is non-Mint). You can check bags. Each seat has a screen in front of it with cable TV channels and music. I love that.

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I flew on it years ago. Sorry I don’t remember the specifics but I do remember it was a very pleasant airline with good extras at the time.

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Here’s the link to Jet Blue Mint. It’s not on all routes, apparently.

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On domestic flights they handed out Blue Terra chips as snacks. They were delicious. I took extra.

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You can buy a Blue Plus fare that comes with one free checked bag. Runs about $15 extra. And you can reserve a seat in Even More Space which is toward the front of the plane. The “Even More Space” also boards first. It is an extra charge.

If you know when you are going, book now to make sure you get a seat you like.

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MY only complaint, and it is a silly petty complaint, is that their seats were too slippery. One some of their planes, they use a shiny vinyl or leather seat covering. It looks pretty, but your butt slides all over the place.

Most airlines use a cloth-based seat covering. It may not look as spiffy, but the cloth provides a bit of friction and you don’t slide all over.

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