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Have you ever howled at night outside?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17000points) October 8th, 2019

Also where you howled back by dogs and or wolves? I did in Jasper National Park and a pack of wolves howled back.

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I’ve not…yet!
I do impressions of birds though, like, to their faces.
Particularly good at crow, seagull & pigeon, deadly serious by the way.

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Very cool!
I taught my last four dogs (all German Shepherd Dogs) to howl on command.
I trained them by playing the harmonica badly as usual and they try to join in.The command is, “Sing!” and they all did :)

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Not frequently
But I have indeed done it
Not in North America however

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Of course I have. Come on!

I wonder if people who say they haven’t really have not done it, or have they just fallen out of touch with their childhoods?

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The coyotes often yip and howl in the middle of the night here. I’ve been tempted to go outside and howl with them. Many years ago, I howled with the coyotes, however, and they went quiet. My technique is crap, apparently.

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Yes, many times. We have a ton here.

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“Have you ever howled at night outside?”

Whenever the moon is full.

@ucme “Particularly good at crow, seagull & pigeon, deadly serious by the way.”

And parrot, don’t forget parrot.

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@Pinguidchance Nah, you don’t get a lot of them flying around in the wild here in England so I’ve never actually met one see.

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