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How do you like living in a dictatorship, where the President can ignore an equal branch of government?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28004points) October 8th, 2019

Reminds me of Venezuela.

What do you think of the People’s Republic of Trump?

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The orange blob and his fanatics just sent a letter saying the WH will not cooperate with the US Congress’ impeachment inquiry. Absolute sign of guilt and acknowledgement of defeat!

The orange blob shall be impeached in Congress and if he doesn’t stop following Putin’s marching orders on the Middle East and if he doesn’t quit his terribly unfunny “jokes” even his very own Republican fans in the US Senate would remove his orange ass from the WH.

P.S. – I wish he wouldn’t stop making jokes.

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United States of BOZO !

To the Legislative branch and Judicial branch “You’re all fired !”

“And I’ll show you how I’m smarter than all the Generals too !”

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He puts the “Dick” in dictatorship.

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We can take it easy. The stable genius with great and unmatched wisdom is running this ship.

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On the principle that various branches are always being ignored, which branch is currently being ignored?

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Sure you guys don’t want to start with a wall on the Canadian border first?

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It goes against EVERYTHING I was taught about America, in school. But… It goes along with my opinions of our government.

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@SQUEEKY2 Any chance you have a room for rent? trump may need to put up a Canadian wall to keep the US population from invading your country

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The legislature refuses to take up issues that require a vote
Until they do their job they are out of consideration

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