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Do I need a flu shot?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) August 28th, 2008

mid twenties, healthy, up to date on shots….(but a flu shot – is that yearly thing?) Chicago winter awaits…!

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It wouldn’t hurt to get one. I live in Chicago too and I’m in my mid thirties and have been getting one every year for the past six years.

Good luck!

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Really, everyone (barring allergic reactions) should get a flu shot…but you only need to get one if you have a chronic disease, a compromised immune system, or are elderly, a health care or childcare worker.

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@augustian…..or a child, I would add to your list. Additionally anyone who is a caregiver or who cohabitates w/ someone who is in a high risk category.

@johnny Here is an excellent succinct piece from the CDC about the flu shot, including who should get it:

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@Snoopy: Good additions, though I don’t get my kids the flu shot…they’d protest too much, and have healthy immune systems, so I let it go.

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Last year they started giving my kids the nasal formulation (ages 2 and 3 at the time)....they squirt it up their nose. Absolutely no protesting or tears :)

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Augustlan. The flu shots aren’t just for your kids but for their elderly grandparents as well (and other elderly people). Reducing the number of childhood flu infections (which themselves can be dangerous) actually is a huge public health benefit to the elderly. So, you might want to think again about immunizing your kids (I hope). :-)

And Snoopy, kudos to you for getting your kids immunized. The nasal vaccine is easier and more effective.

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@shilolo: Good point. I will definitely rethink my decision. It will soon be time for mine (I have kidney disease), and I’ll just make them go with me!

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@augustian: Another reason for everyone in your household to be immunized is your own health issues. Keeping them healthy, keeps you healthy.

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