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If, for whatever reason, Trump doesn’t run in 2020, do the Republicans have someone(s) ready to run?

Asked by chyna (43613points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

If so, what are their chances of winning?

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Mike Pence is ready, willing, and “heir apparent”. But he is a wienie.

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Yes, there are some individuals working over index cards and clearing cobwebs from their speaking voices, just in case.

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Mark Sanford could possibly win imo, although I’m not sure these will be our final choices at this point in time. As of June there were five Republican candidates.

@zenvelo I will NEVER vote for Pence – a politically influential homophobe ready to demonize anyone who is not hetero.

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I don’t think that I could vote for Sanford. He lied to his wife and his constituents about where he was while continuing his affair with his mistress. Pence has had his nose up trump’s butt for too long for me to trust him as well

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Sanford? Dear lord…

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@Darth_Algar None of them are very palatable, at this point, imo.

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I thought those running against trump were joking just to make him look better. Even Fox News is showing their own poll which says 51% of the population wants him impeached & removed, so maybe some serious candidates need to step up to the plate

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