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Shouldn’t Trump supporters rebuke him for not cooperating with Congress’ impeachment inquiry to have credibility in the future if and when a Democratic President does the same?

Asked by mazingerz88 (23661points) 1 week ago from iPhone

As asked.

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Definitely as the next set IS impeachment.
It almost seems that HE wants to be caught ?
Perhaps he is been blackmailed by an unknown entity( Country)?

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Impeachment doesn’t mean he gets fired. Bill Clinton got impeached.

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Trump is forcing the issue, to set precedent. On the one hand, some say he is protecting us by asking other countries to be whistleblowers to corruption taking place in their part of the world with involvement of American citizens.

On the other hand, there are accusations that he is committing treason by involving other countries in our political affairs.

Myself, if there is information out there, I want to know.

Because of lack of clarity in such matters, I doubt anything could he made to stick with Trump other than to be officially notified to never do it again.

Making it defined officially would allow for calling out others who have been doing likewise for a long time.
Democrats don’t really want that. It would come back at them by truckloads. They are hoping to get away with being loudly verbal about it without making a final decision.

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He’s an idiot. Even after he was TOLD that was the absolute wrong thing to do…he turns around and does it again, only publicly, on camera!

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Either he is an idiot or scared to death of being caught .
I think that he is sabotaging his Political career because of something that he had hidden which will surface.

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He’s scared. For once in his life he’s facing consequences for his misbehavior. And he’s an idiot.

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Republicans are actually starting to react….Finally.

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Obstruction of Congress is an impeachable offense.

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That word is starting to lose it’s meaning.

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It is the fool’s hope that such will be the case.

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