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Are there any Home Printers that can be trusted to be fairly reliable?

Asked by Yellowdog (8585points) 1 week ago

Back in the late 1990s, all I had to do was turn the printer on, and click a button, and the printer would start printing. Sometimes, the green light on the printer would flash as much as forty seconds, and I’d wonder if something was wrong. But it always worked.

I’ve been through several printers since then, and been without one more than with. Printers are fairly inexpensive now, but not very reliable in my opinion. I could never really count on one working when I needed it.

But that’s pretty ridiculous. Printers should work all the time. Not intermittently and not half the time. If you need that report, letter, or sermon, how can I get back to just turning the printer on and clicking a button on the screen?

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We use an HP. It is pretty old but has not given us trouble.If I were to buy another,it’d be that brand… in a model that doesn’t have to be started with a rip-cord though. :)

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@Yellowdog You probably didn’t mean to capitalize Home Printers .

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My current laser printer is an black and white HP. Has worked solidly for a good two years.

Before that I had a couple of Samsungs (b & w laser) – each of the eventually had problems with jamming and feed. And the most recent one started making a horrible screeching noise when the motor died.

I would NEVER by Epson. Cheap plastic, not well put together. Flimsy.

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We have an Epson WF2540 which works very well for us and has for several years. It prints either color or black and white, and can collate. It has a lift top for copying from books. It has a double side option that requires reloading the pages for side two. We use it on a daily basis.

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I have a HP. I’ve had it for at least 5 years and it’s reliable.

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May I suggest whatever brand you choose it’s worth it to go laser,bubble jet can dry out if not used all the time and laser can go months between copies and good to go.
We hav a BW HP 1005 and it’s worked flawlessly for over 10 years now.

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I have a Samsung wireless laser printer that works fine with all our devices. They’re all more or less the same nowadays. They get you in the toner/printer ink.

Agree about getting a laser printer vs. an ink jet unless you absolutely need to have color.

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I rarely use one, but doesn’t work when I need it. Every time I need to buy a new printer every time I take a class or need a resume. I would prefer a HP or Canon printer/scanner for under $100, because they are so fragile and easy to replace. I would rather be able to lease a printer or go to the library with a flash drive.

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I’ve had an HP All-In-One ink jet wireless color printer for 5 or 6 years now & I only paid $50 for it brand new, so I feel that I’ve gotten my money’s worth!!!

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You can’t kill a Brother laser.

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@Yellowdog do reviews and see what one comes out best,but what you can take away from this is go laser.

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@SQUEEKY2 I usually agree with most of what you say; however, my HP ink jet has lasted much longer than my friend’s laser printer…plus the laser cartridges are very expensive. So, I suggest @Yellowdog does the research to determine which is best for him

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I have a Samsung laserjet. Best printer I have had in a while.

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I’m not clear on whether your commenting on the printing mechanisms or the printer connecting to wifi/your computer remotely.

I think that they are generally not designed to last long in terms of being able to connect to new routers, computer updates, etc… but mechanically all of mine have held up great. I’ve gotten rid of them due to connection issues.

The ink… that’s a whole ‘nother thread.

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@SEKA I do agree that laser cartridges are expensive BUT a laser printer can go months between prints without a problem,and the cartridge for ours can print a few thousand prints before you even have to worry about replacing it

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