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What, pray tell, is a "cajun"?

Asked by ucme (50037points) October 9th, 2019

I watched an old movie last night…Southern Comfort & there were these big, dirty, hairy men who the soldier type guys called cajuns.
They also referred to these bad buggers as rednecks a term with which I am familiar, but cajuns…I know not what.

Please be gentle, I have a mild headache & may bite.

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Cajuns are lovely people with beautiful French accents, around Louisiana. They have their own unique culture, language, traditions, etc.. (imo) which does tend to be a bit redneck.

Anthony Bourdain went for Mardi Gras and explained the entire culture very well if you choose to Google the episode.

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French Canadians who settled in :
The term “Cajun” refers to a group of people who settled in Southern Louisiana after being exiled from Acadia (now Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island) in the mid 1700s. ...

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@KNOWITALL Cheers for that pet.
So it must have been the soldiers (national guard) who were the bad guys, they “borrowed” the cajun’s canoes & riled them up.

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People descended from Canadian French.

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@Inspired_2write Cool, cheers…all good information.

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@ucme I’d say you’re probably correct. They are also very well known for not being necessarily law-abiding, they make their own rules kind of like the hill people here in Missouri.

What some people don’t really understand outside the states is that there are many pockets who resent Federal intervention because it’s been used to abuse many different groups of people in the past, like with the Cherokees. That’s why many of us focus on States rights.

Take marijuana legalization for example. The Feds still refuse to legalize it, although several states have passed it via the people’s votes.

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@KNOWITALL Yeah, yeah. I see where you’re coming from & also…free the weed man ;-}

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Cajun is a corruption of the word Arcadian, people from Arcadia who settled in Louisiana.

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Cajun is also used as a name for hot spice flavor… which I avoid, but I expect something red that burns the tongue.

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The Acadians were not comfortable with English/Americans who settled in Louisiana after the Louisiana Purchase, and many of them hid in the swamps and bayous. And many of them were friendly with smugglers and pirates that were in that area of the Caribbean. So they gained a reputation for being crude backwoods people.

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Don’t forget Cajun cooking! It’s amazing! A friend catered my wedding, and cooked up a mess of Cajun food. Yum!

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this guy

I do love a good low country boil. Cajun cuisine is some of the best the south has to offer.

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I think the word “a” preceding “Cajun” specifies a person, not food.

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They even have their own music: zydeco and cajun music are very similar, much like ska and reggae.

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