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An acquaintance described herself as a 'girly girl'. (She's 58 years old). What is a girly girl?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26785points) 1 week ago

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She’s the opposite of a tomboy.

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She enjoys wearing fancy dresses, wearing makeup & styling her hair…in other words, she enjoys making herself feel pretty!!!

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NOT a tomboy!

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She won’t go on a hike, raft a river, or go skiing.

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All the vacuous stuff that makes me frown—makeup, high heels, beauty salons, frivolous shopping for fru-fru nonsense…

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Giddy about a new color at the nail salon.

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A wearer of pink tampons & fake giggles at everything including funerals.

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She likes dresses and stuff that is considered stereotypically feminine.

I don’t take it to mean she won’t go on a raft or a canoe or anything like that.

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@jca2 – this woman – you would NEVER ever see her on a raft…

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I feel pretty, oh so pretty…

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Someone who acts like a 12 year old anime school girl?

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@elbanditoroso: I get it but I don’t think that they’re mutually exclusive. I mean, I don’t think that being a girly girl means you won’t do rafting or outdoorsy things.

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My wife is as girly as they come and she will still go rafting and hiking. Have yet to get her mountain biking or backpacking with me though. I gave up on that.

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My definition of a girly girl is one who is so insecure about her own worth that she has to “preeety” herself up unnecessarily.
Over the top, like a Model would for her Career.

It is an expensive way to live and one would save so much money by toning it back a bit.
Go for the healthy look instead you will thank yourself in the future when your body doesn’t sag or wrinkle as much as slathered chemical make up does, not to mention save yourself from cancer as well.
I think that the cosmetic industry and the media portrays there products as being the epitome
of beauty. Too bad so many fall for it and now at an earlier age..more time to damage the body.

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I don’t think being a prissy type is a bad thing. It is simply a different way of being.
Actually, when everyone was out tanning and getting leathery, it was girly girls who carried parasols and insisted that being ivory was beautiful. Well, now we know at the least it is healthier. A lot of wages are made from the manufacture and sale of tints, streaks, and sheens.

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Depends on the context. What were you talking about at the time?

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