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What are you doing to improve yourself?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (29225points) 5 days ago

Why or why not?

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Well, not much at the moment and I’m drowning in my decisions to be honest. I’m looking for that boat ride to freedom. Not literally, just mentally.

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@Castle – I hope you find it.
As for decisions, making a list with pros and cons might help or there is always a flip of the coin if you like adventure.

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Well, it’s not much of a coin flip type decision. It’s life changing and not just mine. A burden I have to face at some point I’m afraid.

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I’ve set a moderate goal for number of steps per day and an hour of exercise. Most days I meet my goal.

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@Castle – I find that the more time I spend ruminating, the harder it gets to come to a decision.Sometimes you just have to go with your gut.
Good luck with everythng.:)

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Making a lot of mental and physical changes, starting running again and lifting weights a few weeks ago, feels really good.

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@KNOWITALL -The exercise can really lift one’s spirits, I’ve found.

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Physically: You pretty much know already but yeah, run every day, lift weights & various other workouts.

Mentally: I coloured in a baby heffelump the other day using crayons & I never went over the lines once…I pwomise.

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I am continuing to work until the age of 70 so when I get my SS, I get more. (For every year I delay SS, I gain $100 per month.)

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@ucme -What’s a heffelump?
@kritiper – :)

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It sounds like a swollen teat on a cow but no, it’s how ickle children might pronounce elephant.

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@ucme -Well then, I must congratulate you for staying in the lines!
They wrote a song about that:

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