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Are Mormon women allowed to have more than one husband, or is it only the men who get to have more than one wife?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40530points) 5 days ago

What is the reasoning behind their acceptance of polygamy?

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It’s a way to increase the population quickly. One man can have many women pregnant at the same time.

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Only the men. Polygamy has always intrigued me.

Also, there are references in the bible for and against apparently.

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Well, now that they’ve done populated, what’s the new excuse?

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Gawd but they’re bloody weird though. Two of these women knocked at my door just recently & they were dressed like it was wartime in Gdansk.
I mean, they made Amish girls look like desperate housewives.

Anyhow, after only a short while of toying with them, I grew bored & released the hounds on their sorry, well covered behinds.

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My understanding was that since you ate married forever, even in heaven, a remarried widower would have several celestial wives, so why not on earth, as it is in heaven.

The Mormon church no longer practices polygamy, but some expelled members do

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There are several different branches or sects of the Mormon church, and last time I checked over 10 years ago, there were at least 2 polygamy groups. The other groups were monogamists. As I recall, each group operates on its own, separate from the others.

When I lived in Utah, there was a polygamist family up the road from us, There were about a dozen kids all with the same last name in my daughter’s graduating class. Really interesting.

I also made the acquaintance of a husband/wife pair who said they attended a polygamist church, and they believed in their teachings, but were not interested in adding another woman into their marriage. They were fine with their daughter marrying a polygamist! Wow.

As for wives having multiple husbands, that’s not a Mormon practice.

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Forgot to finish the question about the reasoning behind multiple wives. To save my hunt-and-peck typing, here’s Wikipedia’s explanation for the Latter Day Saints’ story about polygamy.

As I understand it, they still believe in polygamy in heaven, where every man will be a god, and have many wives to produce as many spirit children as are needed to live in human bodies.

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For clarification, Mormons believe that’s where human souls come from. The Mormon ‘goddesses” give birth to human souls or ‘spirit children’. Ladies, after death, that’s what you’ll spend eternity doing.

I actually enjoy the Mormon missionaries. They are some of the best people around. But I will never agree with their theology which defeats the purpose of their visits.

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Related, or unrelated, we’re going to see “The Book of Mormon” in Hartford CT in a few weeks.

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At The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts ?

Great venue ! !

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@Tropical_Willie: Exactly! It’s about an hour to an hour and a half for me to get there, or we could take the train to NYC which is about an hour and a half and then we have to find the theater. Also NYC shows are more expensive. If we really like the show, we could see it in NYC, too. My daughter is kind of into theater, so if she asks to see something, I try to make it happen. Still, the tickets at Bushnell are about 120 each. NYC, about 150 each plus Ticketmaster fees = almost 200 dollars each. Luckily, I can afford it.

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Curious how many women would choose multiple husbands? Any of you ladies?

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If I really like someone, I only want to be with that one person.

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The ladies usually divide up the housework. One is cook, another does laundry, etc. What’s not so convenient is the rivalry between “first wife” and “favorite wife”, etc. And of course, there’s always the question of sex. There’s lots of room for jealousy, shaming and bullying.

I taught English as a second language to a Muslim family from Yemen. That’s also a polygamist culture. They told me they chose to be monogamous because multiple wives made for a sad home life. It confirms what I already knew from my own polygamist relatives on the family tree.

There’s a significant cost to the children, because there’s never enough “father” to go around. The kids are more or less fatherless.

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I would hazard a bet that the women were relieved to not have to be on call for sex all the time, too. If we’d been married a long time I know I would be.

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@Dutchess It could never work for me either. He gets variety, I get the same freedom. A good man wouldnt want his happiness at the expense of another persons imo, let alone several people.
I’ve watched a couple of the polygamist shows, looks horrid to me. Lots of jealousy, hidden emotions, etc…

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