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What are you doing to improve someone else?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (29356points) 1 week ago

How’s that working out?
Are they open to your suggestions or do you have to do it by force? :D
Have they fallen in love?Or are they a bit resentful?

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Man, you’re good!

This question is my problem. Always is. I’m always helping someone else and not myself.

I moved to a new city for a woman. She couldn’t move to me so I came to her. Now though I’m regretting it and I feel bad for regretting it.

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@Castle -Your feelings are your feelings.
If you are truly unhappy,you might have to change some things.Perhaps you need more time to adjust to the new place?
Minimally, you will have found out how she handles conflict.
If your lifespan was 500 years, you might have time to waste on a bit of unhappiness.

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I’ve been in my situation for a year and 5 months. There are good times here but I miss family and friends back home and well, things aren’t exactly great here anymore. I’ll spare you the details but I could be happier. Thanks.

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@Castle -I hope it works out for you.

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Continuing to be the best Dad I can be.
It’s a well worn cliché, but certainly true in my case.

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Being there for them when they need it.

If they have a problem and want advice I give my honest opinion and leave it up to them to decide what to do on there own.
I respect there choices.
And if they need physical help I am there whenever I can be to lean on and uplift.

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“Improve” is an interesting concept. I know a couple of young people, my daughter’s age, that come from dumpster-fire families. I have sort of been a bonus mom to them for many years, encouraging them, helping them out (financially, emotionally, stuff like that) and so on.

So far, physical force has not been necessary. :-P

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@canidmajor -That is a very kind thing for you to do.In my interactions with you, I find you very easy to talk to, so for those people, they very lucky.
As for my question, I was laughing as I typed it. :)

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Awww, thanks @lucillelucillelucille! These relationships benefit me as much, maybe more, than them. I am privileged to know and be a part of the lives of these young people.

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I can’t improve anyone.

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^that’s my answer. I can be a good role model but I’m not responsible for anyone’s improvement.

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