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How do you feel about this doctor's response?

Asked by janbb (55102points) 5 days ago

I told my ortho guy today (not the one who did the surgery) that my home PT had tried to get him several times to see if she should do range of motion with me. His response was, “Well, it’s a busy office.” No apology, no nothing. I think that’s pretty outrageous. Probably have only one more appointment there and they are only doing follow up but really?

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That’s not helpful, and I can’t believe he was being so obtuse as to not understand the real point there. Not to mention grossly unprofessional, especially when the original queries were coming from another professional!

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They sent me a follow up survey with “how likely are you to recommend this practice.’ I put “0”.

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I’ll give him the benefit of a doubt and assume there is more he needs to discuss than simply saying yes to the question?

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^^ Huh? He never responded to her and wasn’t planning to. (And I do realize this is more of a rant than a question.)

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The correct response would have been to get the PT’s name and number and give her a call when he had the time.

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I can’t stand hearing stories like that.

I had a doctor that was like that. He was also an orthopedist, when I broke my ankle in a car accident about 15 years ago. He sent me for an MRI, and then immediately, that day, I got a call from someone to schedule a CAT scan. I told them obviously there was something on the MRI that was necessitating the CAT scan. Of course, they couldn’t tell me. Only the doctor could tell me. I called him all day and he didn’t call me back. The next day, I told the staff that if I didn’t get a call back, I was going to leave work and go sit in his office until I spoke to him. Which I did. I was so happy to be done with him.

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You always have the option to bad mouth his office online. People take that seriously now.

I’ve used it to essentially blackmail Uber, into action before. It works.

Tell them, that you’ll spend your time giving them bad reviews, on every website you can find, until they act appropriately. They’ll give in.

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People make the very natural mistake about paying less attention to the selection of a doctor than they would in choosing a babysitter or someone to walk their dog. While it may be true that you are initially at the mercy of whatever medical facility is on the route of your ambulance, you should have a go to list ready from which to seek referrals. Do you have any acquaintances who are doctors or nurses? I bet your PT knows of some crackerjack orthopedists.

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@stanleybmanly I spent a lot of time researching orthos. As you know this was not the surgeon who did the work, this was just a follow up orthopedist. The one who came the most highly recommended did not have an appointment for 7 weeks. His name was given to me by that office. My GP said since it was only for follow up care, this nearby place would be fine. And he is a respected surgeon but I would not go to him for surgery.

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