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Is it possible to cut one’s own hair looking like you went to a hair salon or barber shop?

Asked by mazingerz88 (23585points) 5 days ago from iPhone

Have you successfully tried it? Tips on self-cutting man’s hair would be greatly appreciated.

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Only an Army cut, 1/8 of an inch all over.

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I have not had success with my own,in fact I have jacked it right up.Lol
My husband wears a flat top and has cut his own for a long time.He looks handsome.

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Thanks jellies. I’m just tired of paying 25 minus tips for mostly unsatisfying haircuts in my area. I’m willing to unsatisfy myself without losing 30 bucks.

And the last thing I want is go to a more expensive place. My Mom used to cut my hair for free. Lol

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I did military cuts for men in my division when they couldn’t get an appointment with the barber. This was not boot camp cuts. They were allowed to have some hair, more than Marines. I made the back look not shaggy by going over it with a disposable razor. I didn’t apply pressure, I just pulled it lightly down the back to the level of the neck where it was supposed to end, and be shaved. It gave it a good smooth appearance, even with curly hair.
If you want advice on how you do yours, you need to describe yours, thickness, curly or not, etc., and how you want it to look.

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I buzz my clippers over my soft head, takes all of 15mins

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I used the electric trimmer and I couldn’t see what I was doing in the back of my head. Had to spend $20 to get hair mistake fixed.

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@ucme I do the same thing, but I always miss something. Every now and then I need to go commercial for a touch-up.

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Maybe I should borrow an electric trimmer and try it.

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@mazingerz88 Sure. Go for it. Just have a friend or mirror handy to cut the hard to reach hair on the back of your head.

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I got my technique down to a tea, helps to be flexible :D

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I do. Well, used to. Too poor to pay a beautician. After one such cut I asked a co-worker if my hair looked any different, and she said “No. It looks like it always looks.” I took that as a win.

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I used to cut my hair for years but it’s a buzz cut so no big deal.

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I cut my own hair for years and it didn’t look home cut. When I wanted something radically different, I’d go to a stylist to get the initial cut and then I’d cut it more to the way I preferred it to look. I wasn’t talented enough to completely change the cut, yet I could alter the shape that I didn’t care for to something that fit me better.

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I always cut my own hair, and I’m happy with the way it looks. I use a mirror and cut the parts I don’t want. I occasionally ask someone to see if there are any strays in the back.

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I”ve cut my own hair off and throughout my life. Back in the day of the Farrah Fawcett feather hairstyle I cut my hair myself for years. Now that I have much thinner haír I have my husband cut the back, and then I do the layers.

My husband could do a buzz cut fur himself I guess, but no way he could “cut” his own hair. It’s curly, and tricky, and since it’s short right now I don’t see how he could do the back. When it was long he could have maybe have done it.

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