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What tech services do you get for free that you wouldn't like to pay for?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15347points) 5 days ago

Like Yahoo!, Gmail, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, FaceBook, Fluther ,and others? All are free now, but not always in the future.

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I wouldn’t (like to) pay for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (I only use Insta nowadays).
I wouldn’t mind to pay (a little) for Gmail, and Fluther.
Every now and then I take YouTube Premium.
Every now and then I donate (a little) to Wikipedia.

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Facebook and Twitter. Fluther. Wikipedia. Snopes

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Technically I have Netflix and Hulu for free because I am on my friend and dad’s account to watch. I like having access to them, but wouldn’t really want to pay for them. Otherwise I don’t think I’d have them

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I have gmail, and it is rather terrible. I can’t imagine paying for such service! I might pay for Fluther, but if they’re started charging, I doubt it would last.

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Any of them.

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