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What tech services do you get for free that you wouldn't like to pay for?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23805points) October 10th, 2019

Like Yahoo!, Gmail, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, FaceBook, Fluther ,and others? All are free now, but not always in the future.

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I wouldn’t (like to) pay for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (I only use Insta nowadays).
I wouldn’t mind to pay (a little) for Gmail, and Fluther.
Every now and then I take YouTube Premium.
Every now and then I donate (a little) to Wikipedia.

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Facebook and Twitter. Fluther. Wikipedia. Snopes

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Technically I have Netflix and Hulu for free because I am on my friend and dad’s account to watch. I like having access to them, but wouldn’t really want to pay for them. Otherwise I don’t think I’d have them

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I have gmail, and it is rather terrible. I can’t imagine paying for such service! I might pay for Fluther, but if they’re started charging, I doubt it would last.

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Any of them.

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