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How much would you be willing to pay for a subscription to Fluther?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15347points) 5 days ago

I would pay $50 Canadian a month. What would you pay for a Further membership?

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€25 a year.
$50 a month???

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@rebbel Yes. All I have is my mom and Fluther. I would gladly pay $50 a month.

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I guess I could be squeezed to a scotch egg & a twinky.

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Maybe 10 bucks a month although if they upgraded with notifications, delete options, etc..I may pay more.

@RedDeer You got us buddy! :)

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Zero, zip, nada unless they can figure out a way to stop all the back stabbing attacks that are currently allowed & many of the features that @KNOWITALL listed.

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Nothing. I can easily find a buzz kill elsewhere,

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Pay? I can’t decide how much to bill you folks.

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5 a month for moderating rights.

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I’d just leave.

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I wouldn’t pay as much as $50, but I’d be willing to pay some amount. Maybe $10 per month.

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I’m willing to be paid to come here, but that’s about it :)

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I wouldn’t pay anything to be allowed to post on this site. I spend a lot more time on Reddit these days.

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The max I would pay would be 10 dollars a month = 120 a year. Or maybe a quantity discount of 100 dollars a year.

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The charm of Fluther is that you can just go any time you want, for free.

And beside, a dollar is actually pretty big in my currency.

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Hmmm maybe three bucks a month.

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This question made me notice the Fluther mug I have on my collectible shelf. And made me think about those Fluther mugs I sent as gifts to several jellies years ago. Now if only I can remember their names.

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@mazingerz88 I wish I could still buy them…

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To answer the OP, right now the amount of money I could pay for Fluther’s monthly fee would just be too insulting to this awesome site to reveal. If and when better times come I would pay 30 bucks a month.

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