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Is the news report about Rex Tillerson, Rudy Giuliani and a Turkish national who laundered money in the US, another blow against Trump?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24915points) October 10th, 2019

Or is it much ado about nothing? if it’s a blow, how much of a blow is it in your opinion? Small? Huge?

Trump and Rex Tillerson Report

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That and the current fallout on Giuliani’s henchmen should just about put the finishing torpedoes to the SS Trump. The fool is currently flailing in the courts on the incredible supposition that he and every gangster working for him is immune to investigation, let alone prosecution. I hope the courts and the Congress roast his degenerate ass til he transforms from flaky rust to cherry red.

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In a normal constitutional democracy, it would be a bad blow.

In the Trump dictatorship we live in, with our limp republican party, it will make no difference at all.

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In my mind, it should be a HUGE blow; however, I expect it to turn into much ado about nothing!!! I hadn’t heard any of this until I followed your link & it saddens me that I wasn’t even shocked!!! Giuliani’s former press secretary is in the process of turning on him saying he has lost his mind. This is a man who had lead Rudy’s campaigns for over 25 years and now saying he has gone nuts. As long as we can get NO straight answer out of any of the quackers, it seems that NOTHING can be proved. ALL trump wants is to keep the confusion going until he can be reelected in 2020. After that it won’t matter because he’ll be a lame duck & going out sooner than later will mean he can get back to his empire!!!

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In reality, why does it matter? Trump will use any defamation, as ammunition, to prove he is a victim….

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Another addition to all the people who blew Trump. Bill Clinton must be jealous.

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@MrGrimm888 It should matter to each & everyone of us!!! Back when America was GREAT the first time, Americans did NOT just lay down & take it. I don’t think that we should simply buckle under because trump is a bully…bullies should be put in their place!!!

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It matters. But I have no control over the idiots who support him.
Don’t blame me, for their ignorance please..
You just have to admit that a third our country sucks . It’s not fault….

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I am surprised that our two right wing extremists are not here throwing fright wing FACTS telling us this isn’t true, and seeing MSNBC is reporting it is proof enough,I mean if it isn’t Fux news it’s not true.

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They seem to avoid threads, where they can’t make an argument to defend Trump.

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The situation for Big Orange has now deteriorated to the point that no alt right disinformation pep squad can stand up to the deluge of disasters. The entire Trump machine is disintegrating in front of us and the republicans are welded to the catastrophe as the infernal contraption belches smoke and explosions in its death throes. The wreckage and ruin on the right will extend to any and all associated in any way with the Trump pandemic.

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True @stanleybmanly but him and his base will keep saying it’s a conspiracy concocted by the left all out of hate for the stable genius .
I love how the stable genius is throwing fellow republicans under the bus as fast as he can,what a leader.

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On my way to get some coffee near the WH. Maybe chat a bit with those ladies who had been protesting there since 2017. Their dedication amazes me.

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@SQUEEKY2 He even nudged his dear friend Rudy yesterday. I don’t think I’d want to piss off the person who knows where all the bodies are hidden!!!

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For any other Mobster er I mean President that would be true but we are talking about Trump.

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