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Is the band Thrice, or any of it's memebers, Christian?

Asked by Truefire (155points) August 28th, 2008

I’m asking because some say yes, some say no.. they have encouraged /my/ walk, and all of their songs are obviously influenced by the Christian faith.

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I’m so glad you asked that! Dustin Kensrue (the lead singer) did recently become a Christian. It happened sometime before The Alchemy Index and sometime after the previous album’s release. What I truly wonder is how the rest of the band feels about playing Dustin’s songs if they aren’t Christians as well!

And from one fan to another, I think The Alchemy Index as a whole is one of the most well thought-out albums I have ever heard. Its creativity truly penetrates in so many different ways (I hear everything from old Thrice to Radiohead!).

I’m anxious to hear how the album has impacted you!

P.S. you should listen to Dustin Kensrue‘s solo stuff if you like the lyrical direction he’s taken Thrice…

“Indeed, with this batch of soul-searching acoustic songs, which range from the dark, philosophical and introspective to the tender, Kensrue is more likely to snare listeners more in tune with the work of Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Ryan Adams. Combining classic folk with earthy blues, melodic country and deep soul, Kensrue creates a unique aural landscape complementing his music versatility.” (citation)

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Who cares? It’s the music that counts!

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um… Truefire cares

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@chutterhanban : I’m so glad that you’re glad that I asked that! :D I was expecting a lame answer like MarshallO ‘s, so this in encouraging. I’m surprised that he only recently became a Christian, though…Thrice’s Vheissu from 2005 seemed to be Bibilically based through and through; which cannot be said for many self-proclaimed ‘Christian’ artists.

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i could be wrong about when he did… i actually haven’t listened to vheissu, i only heard from others when he actually became a Christian

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Ah, ok. Thanks for the clarification.

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The band Thrice is not. Dustin Kensrue defines himself as a “Christian Idealist,” which in a nutshell is believing Jesus Christ is the son of God, came and died for your sins, and rose again. No stupid denominational BS, just simply Jesus. Heres a quote from Dustin:

“My relationship with Christ is central to everything that I do, so for me to write music that doesn’t come from that place, I think it’s possible it would be dishonest. I do try to write in a way that various people in various walks of life can relate to it, can at least dialogue with the songs. The music that’s there is not worship music in the sense that it’s made for Christians to do their thing together. I’m Christian and I write from my heart and about things that are interesting to me and things that are talked about and things that can range from all over the place, but I don’t see a disconnect or necessarily a growth in my focus on that. I think that the music usually ends up reflecting just where I’m at. If you see a record like the Artist in the Ambulance, written probably in one of the darker spiritual points of my life, wrestling with a lot of different things, you see that playing out, and I think that’s good. I think that honest music, honest art in general, resonates with people, and I have no desire to make something that’s only what I think people might want to hear or might benefit from or might be not be offended by.”

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