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Do you prejudge a flutherer based on their avatar, profile or initial questions?

Asked by trudacia (2513points) August 28th, 2008

When responding to a question or reading an answer, do you create an image of the person in your mind? If so, does that negative or positive image influence your response?

What about appearance? How do you picture me or other flutherers in your mind? Have you been surprised when a person reveals something about themselves and the image you created was completely off?

I imagine tinyfaery with long, black hair and poof with long blond hair. I think of thehaight as a super-sweet, girl next door… I imagine gail with glasses….Am I close?

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Judge? Sometimes, I guess.

PRE-Judge? Never.

August 28, 2008, 9:08 PM EDT

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I do have long brown hair, and glasses, and tattoos.

I don’t judge based on avatars. Questions and responses? Sometimes. If questions are consistently inane, inflammatory, or otherwise unacceptable (to me), I might judge. But that doesn’t mean I won’t ever change my mind.

I don’t really picture anyone in my head, unless I already know what that person looks like.

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@trudacia; No one my age does not wear glasses. But I’m not bad looking for an old broad.

And I judge by a series of answers; people are very consistent. Tiny just said it better than I ^^.

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From the people I have talked to and seen everyone kinda matched up with what I was expecting. Riser sounds different then I thought he would.

But I don’t really think about it much outside the chat room. Sometimes I am surprised by peoples gender.

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@gail :: amen

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i have never seen johnpowell, and i always imagine him as this sort of 30 year old system admin, friendly and allknowing

i have an image like that of most of you, yet i’ve always been surprised by how different andrew always looks

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I’m more of a skinny and tall guy that looks like I do construction for a living. Crazy hair and stubble on my face. And I am left handed and wear glasses.

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Crazy hair and stubble is hot!

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I was a bit taken aback by Daloon’s backside avatar, but the more I read his questions and answers, the less I notice. As a matter of fact, I didn’t realize that he changed his avatar until today.

I have a very clear picture in my head of Gimmedat, Nevadaoldguy, and Cecildooderbop – oh wait that’s because I am related to them all. I do picture Lefteh bearing a striking resemblance to Ashton Kutcher.

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He is better looking and much younger than AK. (Lefteh, I mean.)

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My original avatar wasn’t me; just the me I wished I could have been. In reality, I’m incredibly boring, shy, and rather charisma-challenged—and that’s being kind. I have script writers who write my stuff, too. Team daloon. I don’t know why I do it. I must be obsessed with something.

You know the wonderful thing about the internet? You can be anything. You never know if a person is being real, or exagerating, or faking things entirely. We fantasize about each other, just like this question asks us to do, and we never (or rarely) actually meet anyone to confirm or disconfirm an impression. So for most of us, our images of each other remain fantasies, no matter how detailed they might be. I learned this the hard way.

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@Daloon: You have not, in my opinion, proven to be at all boring! I am completely myself on Fluther, as everywhere. I may polish myself up a bit for certain occasions, but I am fundamentally the same old me. I don’t know how to be anything else.

As far as the question goes, I don’t judge on avatar at all, but probably do make some judgements based on questions and answers.

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Yes, I think the avatars help form a picture of the person, but it’s not a case of “if I don’t like your avatar, I don’t like you” – it’s just another piece of the puzzle that is the complex Flutherer.
As for me, I speak (read:type) and behave the way that feels normal or natural to me. Whether this gives the same impression as it would if coupled with visual and audio – I really don’t know and I haven’t met anyone who could tell me, so I guess it remains a mystery….

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I’m actually hotter in real life.



So hot.


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@Daloon, I always find your posts interesting, enlightening, and well worth reading!!

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When I said “in reality,” I meant in real life, as opposed to virtual life. Here, I can act different from the way I am in real life. Surely that makes sense? Anyway, it’s good to know I can pretend to be interesting and carry it off, to some degree. Now, if only I could be half as hot as andrew!

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@Daloon; you need be only 50% as hot as Andrew to sizzle. When in A’s presence, we need smoked glasses and #45 sunblock.

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Well, we’re doing what we can. I’ve got the entire makeup team on it. We’ve got andrew’s picture posted on the wall as a goad. Facials, nails, the entire makeover. Liposuction, plastic surgery. I’m even having my legs extended. That, together with extra high heeled boots might get me to break 5 feet. The team is very excited. They think they might be able to get me up to the 50% level. If they do, there’s a two million dollar prize they might claim. Revlon has a challenge out to see who can do the most with the least. Or maybe I’m on some makeover show? Or is this all just a fantasy? Is there really a team? Have I really had all this surgery? I’m so confused. Maybe it’s all a dream. Do I see ruby slippers?

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You forgot the MOST important element – Andrew’s hair (or is it Ben’s hair I am thinking of?).

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omg! OMG!!!!!! We forgot the hairstylist????? That’s is! I’ve had it! I’m firing the team. Clearly a bunch of idiots. I wonder how they got hired in the first place? I’ll tell you this. There’s going to be some changes around here, if I have to do them myself!!!!! Soon’s I fire that hiring manager. [mumble, mumble, fulminate, fulminate]

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@D: we gotta take this private since it is so off-topic. Particularly since I see that one of my more elegant and better bon-mots was removed by moderators. And I made a general comment only and named no names. Curiouser and curiouser.

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i wonder…what do you guys think of me, what kind of image do you have of me ?

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@iwamoto, that was my question but nobody really answered it….

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How do you guys imagine me?

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I picture Jesus when I think of iwamoto….
but I see him as a younger version of buddy Christ (dogma)

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