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Has anyone had the Shingrix vaccine and were there side effects?

Asked by janbb (55318points) 4 weeks ago

This is the new more effective shingles vaccine. I want to get it but am somewhat phobic about shots and heard there could be flu-like side effects. I know I have to get it, just want to hear others experiences.

Bonus question: Which should I get first – Shingrix vaccine or flu shot? I plan to get them a week or two apart.

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I have not had the new shingles vax yet but my brother did. He said it was a two series vaccination. He said it really hurt and hurt for days after, but that was his only side effect. I don’t think he’s a wimp because he’s been through open heart surgery.
Let us know if you do get it.

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@janbb – Shingrix last year. No ill effects but a soreness on arm for the rest of the day.

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My mom had the older Shingles vaccine several years ago and came down with Shingles a couple of months ago. She wishes she’d known about Shingrix and was pissed her PCP didn’t encourage her to get it. I think everyone eligible should get it. Shingles is a nasty virus.

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By the way, surprisingly my insurance paid fully for Shingrix – it’s not a cheap injection ($250 is what I remember), but they told me that for people over 60, it’s considered a cost-effective inoculation and therefore insurance would cover.

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I had both vaccines. I got the Shingrix vaccine last year and had no side effects other than a sore arm for a day or 2. That’s not to say they can’t occur. I rarely get side effects from things like the flu shot other than a sore arm.

I paid for the older vaccine. I’m over 50, and one of my older sisters contracted shingles in her 50s and was very sick. I do not want to get shingles. The newer vaccine is recommended for individuals in their 50s, so it’s covered by insurance for my age group. I don’t remember if I had a co-pay.

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I had the two stage shot this year and my arm was very sore. It hurt for a couple of days. No other symptoms that I noticed.

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I got the Shingrix vaccine about a month ago. The only thing I experienced was a slightly sore arm, at the injection site, for a day. No other symptoms.

I got my flu shot and Shingrix shot on the same day, one in each arm. No problems.

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The first time I had it I had flu-like side effects. My second shot was no problem.

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I have the flu shot for 2019, was told to space the Shingrix two weeks later. Will get Shingrix with a two month gap between shots, next month.

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I haven’t had either shot, but if I were going to get both and space them on different days, I would get the flu shot first and then wait a few weeks and then get the shingles shot. The flu is only just starting to take hold in the US for this flu season, but in a few weeks it will likely be more widespread. If you had asked this Q in June I would have said the opposite, or maybe that it doesn’t matter.

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