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How much trouble could this get me in?

Asked by Poser (7808points) August 28th, 2008

Funny, but illegal?

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haaaaaaaa. i like it. i don’t know how much trouble you would get in…the question is, would it be worth it? depends on how annoying the passenger next to you is..yes?

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I hope no one minds if I share this anecdote, regarding what I do, when I am seated on an airliner, next to a passenger who insists on yacking away with a “90-mile-a-minute-mouth,” and won’t let you look at your pornographic magazines, in peace.

I reach into my carrion case, and pull out a copy of THE HOLY BIBLE and say something similar to, “Oh, I am so glad you will talk to me, because I always jump at any opportunity to share my personal relationship with my holy Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.”

I then begin to read aloud to that person, from various sections, especially quoting the story of Lott (and describing how he had sex with his daughters, after they got him drunk, so they would get pregnant by him).

Usually, the person seated next to me excuses himself/herself to go to the restroom, and I don’t see them, for the remainder of the flight, Praise Gawd.

August 28, 2008, 10:18 PM EDT

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Hope you don’t get a cell mate named Bruno Poser. Pulling that would be very foolish, hope you are kidding. 15 years ago I carried a fake hang grenade in my brief case through security and the guys laughed. Now I would certainly be arrested and jailed.

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In 1968 I carried a disassembled .38 caliber revolver in my carrion bag, and this was before luggage was scanned. It was legal then, to do so.

A flight attendant got a glimpse of it and asked to speak to me, privately, in the Galley. I walked back there, she asked me about it, and I opened up the bag and showed her that it was dismantled and that I had no bullets on board the aircraft at all.

She smiled, relaxed and said, “Thanks for taking the time to reassure me.”

I replied, “Just remember that a dismantled gun is referred to as a ‘paperweight’.”

We had dinner together, when the flight landed.

August 28, 2008, 10:28 PM EDT

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Lol, wow.

You’d get into a lot of trouble.
So why do it?

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I couldn’t dowload the file on the iPhone
what is it???

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@Glitter: a “countdown” like on a bomb, with arabic letters. Major trouble!

@Jack: Carry-on, not carrion which means dead and decaying flesh!

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My word gets more laughs, than yours. LOL

August 29, 2008, 12:39 AM EDT

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LoL @JackAdams carrion. To answer the question, you’d be hosed. Remember the girl who walked into the airport a few years ago with circuitry on her shirt as an “art project” or some shite. I think she was an MIT student. She got in some huge trouble. I’ll find the link to the article if I can.

I would die laughing if I saw something like that, but yeah. Not a good idea.

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I wouldn’t really do something like that. I have this odd aversion to jail. But I do think it’d be funny.

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haha. You would get arrested for terroristic threats

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Ho, ho, That is way pushing it, you are so in trouble if you pull that off, damn! Even if you pull it off anywhere, What happens when it reaches Zero?

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Dude, you scared the hell out of me, for a second there I thought my computer was going to blow up!!!! not cool man.

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AAhh! Jeez! For once you managed to freak all of us out, I’m impressed Nice job.

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