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What silly things did you do that almost killed you?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15667points) 1 month ago

I will start:
When I was a teenager I saw a commercial for Total cereal where it said that you need to eat 16 bowls of raisin bran to equal one bowl of Total. So I did. I was in the hospital for a week for constipation.
What silly things did you do that almost killed you?

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I jumped off a seawall into some rough water. Not advisable.

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I tried to “zoom away” from someone who was tailgating my new-to-me car. Which had worn tires. On a winding road. In the rain. I lost traction and spun 180 degrees, but amazingly didn’t hit anything.

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@Zaku -That had to freak them out.Lol!

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I’ve done and been part of a number of crazy things. I’ll pick a couple for you.

Being 16yrs old and letting a friend shoot a shotgun at me from about 400 yards away. The shot just peppered me lightly thankfully.

Drag racing a crotch rocket on a 2 lane country road at night and getting up to 165mph and hitting a curve.

Punching a Timber Rattlesnake in the head.

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Wow, I cant believe you did that, so funny!!! I remember that commercial, too!

Most of mine weren’t silly, just stupid. I think I lack the fear gene…lol

Car wreck/brain surgery at 3–4 years old.
Fell out of mom’s car on the highway once.
Standing up in truck beds going far too fast.
Jumping off horses.
Swimming places I shouldn’t have.
Almost drowned by my uncle at a water park-he landed on me and didn’t know it.
Cliff diving with the boys at the lake.
Lots of motorcycle rides with boys I shouldn’t have trusted.
Lots of car/ Jeep/ truck rides/races with boys I shouldn’t have trusted.
Riding and driving in vehicles and boats with alcohol/ people on drugs.

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Jumping from one vehicle to another on the duals, except that helped to prepare me for some of my duties in the Navy.

Actually, all the crazy ideas I’ve had turned out okay because of my brilliant execution. The things which have been most deadly to me has been what other people have done which affected me. Twice I have been hit crossing a street and a motorist not paying attention. One ruined my life forever.
I have since learned through careful observation that corners are usually not the safest place for pedestrians to cross, be it rather mid block.
Why? Because at intersections motorists are concerned mainly for their own safety, so their focus is daily on other vehicles. Mid block is when their visual range moves outward to more types of motion.

But my advice is to still observe legal street crossing, just be advised to keep in mind pedestrians are not every motorists first priority.

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@Patty_Melt -Interesting answer. What are duals?

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Dual lanes for traffic moving the same direction. That particular highway was almost free of any traffic at night. So we could drive side by side without coming up on anyone else.

The plan was if they came upon other traffic to act accordingly, and expect me to handle my own life or death. Fortunately, that never had to be tested.

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@Patty_Melt -Holy shit. XD
My nephew got into cagefighting before joining the Navy. For the life of me, I cannot remember how he said it served him.

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Like a dance, every stunt has its own rhythm. There is a sort of inaudible thrum, and when you can feel it, you can go with it.

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I never pressed friends to copy my insanity. It was easy to see none of them could pull off what I have done. By the same thinking, I would never try a hand stand on a high rise rooftop, as can be seen on YT.

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@Patty_Melt – I have seen these people.Their athletic abilities are amazing and if you can do it, why not?:)

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I wanted to be a stuntman as a kid & so climbed on a ton of rooves so I could then jump off.
Schools were the easiest to access but my god they were high :D
This one particular time the leap took in a row of trees & a tall metal spiked fence in order to get to a relatively safe landing.
Let’s just say it didn’t go well & was a case of either wrapping myself around one of the trees or impaling my balls on the fence. Luckily I had a choice & picked the tree hugging, it wasn’t pretty but I went on to have kids…

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Once I argued with someone in a car. That was stupid, and extremely dangerous. You should never upset a driver.

The other day I fluthered my way down particularly steep and sharp-edged stairs. I tripped, and almost died. I did a crazy skip-jump I would never have been able to execute consciously, and managed to save my life.

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When I was a teenager, 14 or 15, my folks took us all to Wilson Lake, outside of Wichita. I swam about, then decided to swim to the bottom of the lake, having no idea how deep it was. So I dove off the high dive and…swam and swam down. I finally did touch the bottom but I really almost didn’t make it back up. I’m guessing 30 feet? Long, long way.

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@lucillelucillelucille Yes, it did! They saw me pull slightly ahead and spin out in front of them neatly into the left-hand lane and without stopping, continue driving past them in the opposite direction. I intentionally made a smiling madman face at them and waved as I did so, and I saw the driver’s horrified expression.

Then I reflected to myself about my state of mind and emotions… it actually woke me up to some major psychological insights.

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@Zaku, try doing fifty on a country road with fresh gravel, then yank the emergency brake.

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@Patty Melt Thats how my head got crushed as a toddler, gravel on country road,hit a tree. True story.

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@Zaku – I imagine it did! XD

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@Patty_Melt I’ll take your word for it!

A slightly safer one I’ve done is to drive 50+ on a straight highway at night with no streetlights and no traffic. Roll down all the windows. Then shut off the car lights while still driving. Being plunged suddenly into darkness while being able to feel the wind at freeway speed is very… attention-getting! Just be sure to hold the wheel straight, and don’t do it for more than a second or two.. . (legal notice: this comment is for entertainment purposes only, and does not constitute an actual recommendation that anyone do this in a place with laws.)

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Oh I have done that, sometimes for miles. It truly is awesome. I knew those country roads back home as well as I know my silly spots when I dance alone.

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@Zaku A place with laws, thats funny.

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By the way, I don’t recommend such risky behavior, but if anyone gets too curious to pas up the experience, you must first kill the dash lights before the headlights. Your dash lights on without the headlights will eliminate all vision beyond the dash.

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